two PoF profiles - interesting results:
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    two PoF profiles - interesting results:

    I made two PoF profiles, one overly cocky to the point of being a little obnoxious:
    cocky profile
    and one less obnoxious, aiming for a mix of DHV and humor:
    Value profile:

    although I made the cocky one several days ago, and the 'value' one just last night, I can still see that the cocky one has gotten way more interest! I got several messages from girls I had not messaged first. They were along the lines of "your profile had me rolling on the floor laughing" or something. Some of the replies to my messages were similar, girls thinking it was a joke, but not sure, kind of testing the water. One or two were rude, saying "FO jackass!".

    For the most part, the 'value' one has bombed. I got one reply, from a REALLY hot mixed latina/white girl, saying it made her laugh, but that is it so far. I'm going to give it a few more days (although I already took out a little of the 'what I'm all about stuff' and put in a little more fun and cocky stuff), before changing it anymore.

    FWIW, every single positive response has had to do with making her laugh - I think that must be the most important goal of a PoF profile.

    Check them out and let me know what you think.

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    Aside from having good pics, being funny is the next most important thing I've found about profiles. It doesn't have to be cocky-funny in the traditional sense, just funny enough to actually make someone laugh.

    However, your results may be due to things other than the factors you have highlighted.

    - Both profiles strike me as big blocks of text, but the Catstrophe one especially so. This could be a reason for the difference in performance.

    - Both are actually pretty cocky; however, the SelfAbsorbedJerk profile is cocky AND funny (=pretend asshole), the first one is just cocky (=actual asshole).

    - Your profile is only ever as strong as your weakest picture. In the SelfAbsorbedJerk profile you have one, reasonably good (I think) picture. In the other profile you have some great pics, some poor ones.

    - Its a bad idea to hint at violence "So don't f*ck with my homies, I'll kick your @ss!" - in the Catstrophe profile.

    - In the SelfAbsorbedJerk profile your body type is listed as "Average" in the other profile it is listed as "A few extra pounds"

    Interestingly, when I ran two profiles side to side - with identical pics. The cocky one performed worse than one that was funny but down to earth.

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