Introducition and My Pic(at your approval)

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    Introducition and My Pic(at your approval)

    I've been with the community for some time and I really never introduced myself to the community. Here I am 15 years old and eyes are open to everything. I came here to enrich my life even more and of course a full monty. I try my best to differentiate from the average person(all aspects, even body language). My parents really aren't socially savvy so I became the same which caused me great pain in my childhood. I greatly look up to Mystery and if I went up for adoption I would no doubt ask him. I am a dancer, I work out, learn jiu-jitsu and social dynamics(DYD,MM,Swingcatt, SS). Thank a link on ebaums world which pulled me into all this stuff.
    I am looking for other PUA's to hang out with(come on guys, the people at my school suck)
    My ultimate purpose: Become an alpha male, contribute something legendary to mankind and not die the average man.
    Say hi if you see me in the field, be nice gentlemen

    edit: The book is "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins
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