Becoming a Multiorgasm Male
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    Becoming a Multiorgasm Male

    Girls have (can) have multiple orgasms. Think about it orgasm after orgasm after orgasm WITHOUT having to stop??!! Unbeleivable? Yes. Clausable? Maybe not. Possible? Most definately.
    To begin your quest to become a multiorgasm male you must know and accept that an orgasm DOES NOT go hand in hand with ejaculation. Orgasms and ejaculation can be their own seperate phenomena. In order to reach this ability all that is required is a few simple exercises done daily for about a week or two (sometimes more depending on the person) as well as determination and practice.
    The first thing that you must know about is the PC muscle, or puboccocceygeus muscle. This is the muscle that allows you to stop peeing mid flow. To learn how to use this muscle try putting a couple of fingers right behind/under your testicles and flex the PC muscle. You should feel it move and you may also feel your testicles pull up and your penis jump. This muscle you feel flexing is the PC muscle and is what we will be working with.
    The workout routine is as follows:
    Every day for about a week or two (more time may be needed) exercise the PC muscle by flexing it 20 times for a duration of 3 seconds per flex. Only flex the PC muscle do not flex the other muscles in this group such as your butt and abs. Do this every day for the whole two weeks. It is imperative that you do not forget to do it on a day through this time. The good thing about this work out is that you can do it anywhere riding on a bus, in school, talking to a friend, driving, literally anywhere. The next exercise that you will be doing is called the BIG flex. Once you feel comfortable with the 20 times start incorporating the big flex. Do your normal 20 flexes then do the BIG flex. The BIG flex is where you flex the PC muscle 10 times for a duration of 5 seconds each time. With each flex you must squeeze the muscle as hard as you possibly can.
    Now to explain the next aspect that the PC muscle will be incorporated with. This is called peaks and plateaus. With this we will be using a scale of 1-10. 1 being not arroused at all maybe even turned off like after seeing your grandma and grandpa goin at it, 5 being mildly arroused such as just getting a glimpse of a very beautiful woman, 9 being the stage where you feel like you are about to ejaculate, and 10 being ejaculation/orgasm. To learn each of your stages you should practice caressing yourself to each stage such as caressing untill you are at a 5 and then backing down to what you think is a 3 and then going back up to like a 7. This will teach you where each stage of arrousal is and how much it takes to get there.
    In the next step we will be using the PC muscle. There are 3 different types of PC muscle flexes I would recomend trying and seeing which works best for you. The first is just a single long and strong flex, the second is just a couple medium flexes, and the third being many rapid small flexes in a row. Decide which works best for you or make up your own.
    An exercise to do with peaks is to caress yourself untill you are at a stage 5 then stopping the caressing and squeezing your PC muscle and breathing in very deeply and exhaling. This will stop the arrousal from going any higher and will decress your arrousal stage. Let your arrousal drop to a 3 then start the caressing again. This time go up to a 7 and then repeat the previous steps to get back to a 5. Then go up to a 8 and decrease back down to a 6. This is what we call peaking because you are "peaking" at each stage.
    Now an exercise on plateaus. To do this its the same as peaks except when you are squeezing your PC muscle you continue the stimulation and you just "ride" this stage. By this I mean you stay on, lets say, stage 7 and you do not go up any stages as well as you do not go down any stages. This is a plateau.
    If you are having trouble keeping arrousal during either of these peaks or plateaus or you simply want to get arroused faster then instead of doing a deep breath you can do a few rapid breaths which will increase your state of arrousal.
    Now during one of these sessions of peaking and plateauing try getting to a level 9 where you feel like you are about to ejaculate. Right as you feel like your about to go over the edge to the place of no return flex your PC do a hard flex for about 5 seconds and take in a deep breath. This will, again, drop your arrousal down. Practice doing this. Remember if you do happen to go over the edge your still having fun. It does not mean your a failure or that you wont be able to do this. Just keep trying.
    You should still be doing your PC muscle exercises and your PC muscle should be getting in pretty good shape by now. If so you are ready to go onto the next step. Also by now you may have realized that there are stages in between each numeral stage. There are stages like 5.5, 7.5, 9.5. These stages will help you in having a multiple.
    Your First Multiple
    To have your first multiple orgasm lets return to the peaks and plateaus. Caress your self up to a stage 5 then drop to a 4 (or plateau if you would like), then work up to a stage 7 and then drop to a stage 5 (or plateau again), then go up to a stage 8 and then drop to a stage 6 (or plateau), now we are going up to a stage 9. Do not get scared and don't panick just relax, keep all of your muscles relaxed and unflexed. Once you reach stage 9 flex your PC muscle again and breath and drop back down to an 8 or 7.5, now we are going to have the first orgasm. Increase arrousal back up to a 9. This time we are going to go to about a 9.5-10. Once you feel the ejaculation coming on and about to come out flex the PC muscle and breath in deeply but continue the stimulation. You must flex the PC muscle for around 10 seconds. The ejaculation will not come out, but you will feel the effects of an orgasm such as increased resperation, heart rate, and sweating.
    *NOTE* It is IMPERATIVE that during once you reach the 9.5-10 stage and you start to flex your PC muscle and breath you MUST keep your eyes OPEN! I can not stress this enough. Also keep your mind on what you are doing do not let your mind wonder.
    After squeezing the PC muscle as HARD as you can for 10 seconds the ejaculation should have subsided. You should not lose your errection (but you may go down a couple stages).
    You have now had your first orgasm. You may now go on to arrousing your self to having another orgasm and or ejaculation. Do not over do it for the first time. You have plenty of time to perfect this and to have as many orgasms as you want.
    When doing this while having intercourse there are many ways to control your arrousal:
    1. Change your focus.
    2. Change your motion. (slow down, speed up, or even stop)
    3. Change the area you are stimulating ( shaft, head, etc.)
    4. Take deep breaths.
    5. Focus on her breathing, how you are feeling, what she looks like, etc.
    If this technique does not work for you tell me and I can try posting another technique. All I have to say is continue practicing and keep that PC muscle PUMPED!
    And many ORGASMS to you ALL!

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    Lol AWESOME!! Yeah I've heard of this before and I actually achieved it before without even knowing about it I just decided I would hold it in and I managed to sort of have an orgasm but still have a semi erection and not be sore.
    IMO the best use of this is in prolonging sex rather than enjoying multiple orgasms - especially useful for younger guys.
    Great Post!

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    If you were to only use this to prolong sex then you would be turning yourself into a machine. So thats why I don't put it that way. I think we should enjoy it while they enjoy it.
    It doesn't only work for younger guys though it works for all ages. Its probably best to learn at a younger age, however, because then you will be even better at it by an older age!
    So get out there and have some fun!!

  4. Read Mantak Chia's Multi Orgasmic Man for full details. There's lots of good stuff by Mantak Chia on Taoist sexual practices as well as martial arts. My favorite combination

  5. This is actually rubbish.
    Ejaculation is an involuntary response to sexual climax.
    If your not ejaculating when you orgasm, your shooting blanks. This is bad. This is a symptom of sterility.

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    Luca it is rubbish eh? Well then I guess me maken love to my ex girlfriend for 6 hours straight and having like 5 orgasms was rubbish? Was that just a figment of my imagination? Well maybe it was but I sure know she loved that figment of my imagination.
    I will keep my rubbish and live with it.. You will just have to live with me being with your girlfriend because of my rubbish.
    The disbeleiver only doesn't believe because they don't know the truth and can't attain the truth.

  7. Mag,
    real sophisticated response, bro. No wonder you get all the girls.
    Don't worry, we all know what it was like the first time we fucked a girl, it's easy to come over and over and over.
    Careful who you dis, brother.

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    Luca there was a deeper meaning to what I said my friend. It wasn't an insult at all. It was pretty much saying those that don't evolve get left behind in the dust. Evolve with the times my friend. I think its rather funny you say it was my first time that I came over and over and over again because for one I never said that I have been able to cum over and over again I said I am able to experience multiple orgasms WITHOUT cumming.
    You say "Ejaculation is an involuntary response to sexual climax." this is true. Maybe you should go back and read through my post so you can realize why you saying this is so silly. I know it is an involuntary response. There are a lot of involuntary responses in our lives such as the controling of our body temperature, resperation, blood pressure, etc. However buddhist monks have learned to control these "involuntary" processes. You make your own reality, live it.
    The techniques I described above are how to CONTROL this involuntary reaction. All reaction is caused by a phenomena, understand the phenomena and control the phenomena and you will tame the reaction.

  9. your wrong luca

    Quote Originally Posted by Luca
    real sophisticated response, bro. No wonder you get all the girls.
    Don't worry, we all know what it was like the first time we fucked a girl, it's easy to come over and over and over.
    Careful who you dis, brother.
    i'm sorry luca your wrong this can be achieved as i am one that can do this whenever i choose to, even to stage of ejaculating without any semen coming out , when you have mastered this it becomes a choice, it's simple be conciouse to it untill it becomes un-conciouse! simple science mate!

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    I find that the "orgasm" if very weak when I don't ejaculate. How do I get it the point where the orgasm is powerful and multiple?
    Also, I reported Luca. I hope everyone reports trolls like this, what good are they to the community anyway?

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