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    I'm tired of seeing "How do I sarge a chick with a boyfriend" topics scattered everywhere on the boards.

    It would be TOTALLY AWESOME if there was 1 specific board for handling girls in new relationships / boyfriend destroyers.

    At least then they will all be together, and maybe people will read them before posting "How do I get a girl to break up with her boyfriend?"

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    This particular topic does not come up on the forums as often as you claim.

    As a result, it does not warrant its own subforum.

    You want it because of this.

    (If you've never failed, you've never lived.)

  3. Nah, it doesn't have anything to do with my post.

    In the linked topic I was more looking for what people's systems of beliefs are when it comes to sarging girls who are taken, and their take on the moral implications of the potentially emotionally damaging aspects it brings along with it.

    I saw a couple posts about guys asking for BF Destroyers, and hoped for their sake that the knowledgeable guys don't get tired of answering the same question over and over.

    Although really, I guess after a couple years there aren't really any "new" questions, heh.

    Regardless - thanks for your reply miaddict.

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    1 - Read the Magic Bullets Handbook - it's the bible of the Love Systems community, answers 90% of the questions here, and saves you years of time re-inventing the wheel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savoy View Post
    second time that's been linked this week - I linked to it for one of the BF threads in discussion...
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  6. Thanks Savoy, the last paragraph in that post really hit the nail on the head.

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