Crazy Chest Workout..
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    Crazy Chest Workout..

    CHEST (5-1-5 Tempo, 120 Second Rests)

    FLAT BENCH PRESS (5 sets)
    135 x 6
    135 x 5
    135 x 4
    175 x 2
    175 x 3

    25 x 8
    35 x 5
    35 x 5
    45 x 4
    55 x 2

    25 x 8
    35 x 5
    35 x 5
    45 x 3
    55 x 3

    30 x 8
    35 x 5
    40 x 5
    50 x 3
    55 x 2

    - Fast Tempo, 60 Second Rests
    160 x 30
    190 x 20
    220 x 8
    220 x 8
    190 x 8

    *taken from

    I havent tried it yet, but Chest day is on MONDAY!! im excited!

  2. Not sure what the point of hitting the same muscle group for 25 different sets in 1 day would be.

    Seems counter-productive to me. You'd get better results if you simply kept your workouts to squats, pullups, rows, and bench press and deadlifts 3 days a week. Not to mention you don't have to put as much work in (not that you can't add other things to your workout).

    This type of workout looks like a program that is designed for people who are on roids. Not something an average joe would use to maximize his success.

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    looks like a bit of a waste of time

    just bench & pec deck for chest would get my vote, and on the same day I'd match the weights and reps with rowing and reverse flies.

    and move some serious weight, you are a big guy, get the big weights on

    listen to the wise words of Dave Tate

  4. Here is a better chest workout

    If you are doing the same chest workout every week try this one to mix it up and get your muscles to grow.

    I got this workout from It is full of similar workouts that will shock your muscles and get the ladies to notice!

    After adequately warming up start with 2 sets of 15 reps of dumb bell benchpress followed by progressively heavier sets of 10, 8, and 6 reps.

    Then move over to the Smith Machine and set the rack up with a weight where you could complete 10 perfect reps of bench press. But... instead of doing normal reps, you are going to do negatives. Lift the weight up with both hands in the bench press position and then lower the weight SLOWLY with only one arm. At the bottom of the rep use both hands to push the weight up to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 10 reps (or as many as you can do) for each arm.

    Finish up with 3 sets of your favorit fly exercise and then run a mile on the treadmill at a 1% incline switching between a slow jog and a full sprint every 1/10 of a mile.

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