How To Tell if She's Looking at Your Facebook Profile

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    How To Tell if She's Looking at Your Facebook Profile

    G'day gents,

    I've had a Facebook profile for nearly two years now and I've always been curious to work out how Facebook determines who appears in the 'friends' box on the left hand corner of the screen under the profile picture. These settings are dependent on your profile but the default setting is usually six people at one time.

    Well, after a bit of research and testing I think I've finally worked in out.

    I had originally assumed that the friends box loaded with a random set of six friends every time my profile page loaded. But over the course of the last few months I've noticed that the same people will appear regardless of how many times you load the page. The other thing I started to notice was what would happen when people update their own profile pages.

    For example, if a girl posted activity on her wall at 17:35pm then it's reasonably safe to assume she was logged into Facebook at that particular time. Now, if she logged activity at that time then visited your profile then her picture will appear in your friends box for an undisclosed period of time. To determine if this was true, I wrote down the names of all six people who appeared in the friends box. Next, I then visited their profiles to see if they had recent activity only to find that all but one person had been logged into Facebook in the last 24 hours.

    This maybe purely coincidence but I've field tested this at least 10 times now and it appears my theory is correct. Everytime someone looks at your Facebook profile their picture will appear in your friends box.

    The only thing I'm yet to work out is when they were last looking at my profile but at this stage I can concluded it's somewhere between 24-48 hours.

    Would be interesting to hear if this has worked for other members in the community. Again, it may be purely coincidental but this theory has seemed to work so far.


  2. could be possible.

    there's this girl i am gaming....she's attracted to me..and i just saw her in one of the 6 friends...also some other girl who had added me on facebook.

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    everytime i press profile, it shows me random people, either im incredibly popular every second, or this doesnt work for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by dabomb3k View Post
    everytime i press profile, it shows me random people, either im incredibly popular every second, or this doesn't work for me
    This goes back to my OP. I think it generates random people if older than the 24-48 hour time frame I was referring to.

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    In order to do this test properly you need a control group - say 6 other people chosen at random from your friends list each time you do your test.

    I'd guess a very large number of people on facebook log in once a day. Say if 80% of your friends log in once per day, then it is likely that 80% of people who come up in your friend box will have logged in... but that is just showing you they behave in exactly the same way as everyone else!

  6. It's totally random. I keep getting this one girl showing up on my profile pretty regulary. I know for a fact that she hasn't logged in over two years on the fact that she's dead, I'm not kidding. I don't know why it's still an "active" account, people post on her wall on her birthday and the day she died, but that's about it.

  7. ^ wow..thats messed up....zombie account.

  8. It's probably random.

    Like Mungojerry was saying, a large percentage of people who use facebook log in at least once daily.

    A trend doesn't always constitute causality.

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    I know where you live...

    I think that it depends on a lot of things - it could well be influenced by "common" friends?

    Surely there may be some note in Facebooks homepage on this or something? Have you tried google/yahoo answers? (I'll probably look myself in a minute).


    Resolved Question

    Show me another
    What determines which of your friends show up in your friends box on facebook?

    The friends box below your information box with your friends on your facebook profile, always has 6 of your friends pictures showing, and someone told me that they were determined by the people who had most recently viewed your profile, but I had always thought they were just randomly picked. Anyone know?

    Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

    The order that Friends appear on your Profile is completely random. Usually though you'll see Friends who've updated their Profile, or been in contact with you more than others or recently with you, more than those that do not contact you much or have not updated in awhile. It will still be random, but that group would still be shown more than others on your list.

    Hope that helps.

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    how come when i spam refresh it comes up with the same people maybe only switching like 1 or 2 but the same 8ish will keep coming up?

    somebody do some more testing! use 2 accounts that are friends with each other and see

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