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  1. OKCupid Game #2

    This has become my textbook OKCupid game. Don't overdo it with all of them, or it'll get outdated and I'll have to be more creative!

    We're robbing a bank. Are you shooting or driving?

    driving. atlanta drivers are ridiculous and in the past four years I have learned how to read them well. I can shot a gun the next time.

    We'll keep you as the driver. I'm a better shot anyway, and I rely that bat-out-of-hell female driving spirit to get me to safety. So what're you going to buy with your 25% cut?

    I dunno, probably a car or a bed. I know practical, but that is what my life have become since graduation... Lame, I know.

    No car? We'll steal you one of those, too. Women aren't allowed to drive my vehicle Don't worry about the bed, either. I can rig one up out of hay and quail feathers. Hey, so what city's bank are we hitting first?

    well I do have a car but not a good one, I mean it isn't a get up and go type of car. Also, we would have to dump my car after the heist.

    i don't know which bank what one do you think needs to be sabotaged the most?

    Name the largest, nicest city you haven't been to but want to see... at 110MPH.

    Paris, maybe London.

    Paris it is--the Banque de France is calling our names. I'll finally have a use for those three years of French. We'll steal some wine, too, while we're there (it's the only thing the French are useful for).

    In all seriousness, you're a really good sport. Do you have IM? I'll only send you nine creepy inappropriate messages per hour

    hey it is okay for sending me messages <I don't think she understood>. Sorry for not getting back to you. the power cord to my comp was chewed through. I would love to take on the banque de france. I don't have an IM and unfortunately I will not be online alot this summer. my email is <removed>. I check that more often than this so I would be able to continue the conversation there.

    I hope your weekend went well, I know mine was fun and relaxing.

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    I love that routine!

  3. Damn, this is a killer one! Thank you!

  4. I've tried this, and I've gotten responses, but all of them have been "I don't rob banks." What do you do when they don't want to play along.

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