1/2 (Un) Natural 1/2 AFC Game

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    1/2 (Un) Natural 1/2 AFC Game

    Hey everybody! This being my first post and all I'll go ahead and get you up to speed with me.

    I did the whole test and repeat thing before I found the community and became somewhat proficient when it comes to pick up. Growing up I was an introverted nerd who hide behind his intellect. I had few social skills at this point and had only gone on one date by the time high school was over. The furthest I ever got with a girl during this time was some petting.

    In college I decided to change my image and became a playboy. My small social circle of 4 ballooned to 20 plus or minus and about 100 acquaintances. It was basically trial and error here. I split my time between gaming online in a chat room and doing social circle/party/classmate hookups.

    While I got good at doing the college thing I've faltered in the real world with only 3 of the total 15 women I've been with coming after college.

    I've read most of the stuff out there on pick up and have been applying what I've learned for about a week now. I've been doing some online email/social network game, but not too much live game (post community, I have a good deal of in field experience before I found out about the community) , yet.

    Before I get to involved in this I want to post some of my Field Reports for you guys to look over and pull apart what I'm doing that is working and why. No sense in tossing everything out and starting from scratch!


    Shift from getting 7's and 8's with the occasional 9 to 8.5's through 10's
    Get good in several areas of game
    Become more social in general
    Make new friendships within the community to have people better than me to go out with and push my game

    Sticking Points: Dislike of small talk, eye contact, reading body language, kino, approach anxiety, keeping in state--sometimes I'm fine and other times I'll go all night without opening a single set.

    Thanks for reading my BOOK

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    Sorry, I didn't scroll down far enough to see that this should probably be in the introductions section. Won't happen again

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