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    Sex Music

    So, what kind of music are you guys playing in the bedroom? List some specifics I can youtube

    I live in Asia and it seems lots of girls are reactive to trance.

  2. Play some chillout music.

    It will create a good environment.

    If you need suggestions about artists I can point you some good ones.

  3. Anything Avant or Ginuwine usually does the trick. Or songs with suggestive lyrics such as PCD's "Buttons."

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    Well for gangster girls lilwayne keeps them pumping espically his first few mixtapes but for classy girls I love new rnb and also some good old ones like algreen lets stick together is my fav and teddy pendergrass I hope I spelled that right and keep in mind im not 40 im 19 the girls still love that shit

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    [ame=]YouTube - J. Holiday "Bed"[/ame]

    this song I have been told by many girls is the song that gets them going....

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    Pitbull - Room Service
    Trust you more knowledgeable PUA's out there to give me a smart answers on my questions. Promise to answer replies as soon as I can.

    Many thanks

  7. smooth - walking on space

    s[ame=]YouTube - Smooth - Walking on space[/ame]

    if sex WAS a song.

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    I wish I could post that old clip from Saturday Night Live where Chris Kattan is trying to seduce a girl and kept getting up to change the music.

    Everyone has different tastes in music, so everyone's going to have a different answer. I think anything from 50s music to AC/DC to ambient music will work. I'm sure you can find something in your parents music collection that would work, too.

    Digital cable and satellite radio have all sorts of theme channels. Put one on and leave it on.

    But half the time I don't want to break the mood and won't put anything on. I think the sound of having sex is as good as any CD. But sometimes you have to have background noise because the walls are thin.

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    IDSC Guest

    It all depends

    It all depends on the type of girl your with and the type of sex you want. Music is a fantastic way to send people into trace and at the same time amp up their emotions. Also, certain types of music are sociologically anchored to certain emotional states. There are so many examples so I'll just list a few:

    1) Think of how women's moods change when she hears her "wedding song". I've seen couples at fights in restaurants when "their song" comes on and they just stop and "fall right back into love".

    2) Think of what it means to "like" a certain type of music. Its pretty hard to describe why you like any type of music without talking about the FEELINGS that it produces.

    3) If I were to tell you to "set the mood" you would almost certainly go light candles and ... yup, turn on music.

    As with the words that you choose, so should you choose your music. Play her emotions and she'll play with you!

    In simple speak: Imagine that you're gonna have real rough sex with a girl. Crazy, loud, shaking, sweating, hot sex! Now go turn on some SLOW JAZZ.

    It just doesn't work. You will NEVER get laid if you lead her emotions in one direction, while trying to take her body in another.

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    IDSC put it clear as a mongoose on a man's crotch.

    That said I slam to Beethoven. Timing in the symphoies is perfect. Nothin beats the fifth symphony or the ninth for rough slamming. Especially if you have a lound stereo system work with the music

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