Music Festival Game? Help needed for June 12th-June 13th
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    Music Festival Game? Help needed for June 12th-June 13th

    Hi guys

    I have read Magic Bullets and would say I have a competent level of Game.

    Now I'm currently learning High End Club Game and tend to frequent Bars and Clubs that have well dressed party girls to Game HB8s, 9s and 10s who listen to Dance, Funky House etc.

    However when down the Gym (I have music tastes that reflect whatever it is I'm doing, driving, relaxing, f*cking etc!) I tend to crank up some Hardcore Metal when working out (as I was a Metal Head in my early teens aged 12-17).

    Here in the UK we have this Music Festival coming up called "Download" which is a 3 day Open Air Concert with 3 Stages and different Heavy/Nu Metal Bands from the world over.
    At this Festival it has all the bands that I used to/still listen to- ranging from Motley Crue, to Korn to Faith No More, Marlyin Manson and even Prodigy.
    As I'm listening to Metal less and less (and don't like the Fan Base/Social Circles that Metal attracts) I thought what better send off than seeing the bands live before quitting altogether?

    Here are the Logistics

    I'm rolling solo as I couldn't invite any females (if it was Glastonbury then some HB8s would've been interested).
    I'm driving there (100 Miles from Hometown), my Hotel Room (two Double Beds :-) ) is booked for 3 Nights, 30 minutes from Venue. I have Parking and obviously there will be thousands of women at the Venue.

    Here is what I wish to Achieve
    I've only slept with a "Rock Chick" once; out of curiosity when I discovered PUA and did so via Day Game in a Shopping Mall that ended in a F-close 4 hours from Meet. I realised the subtle differences of Escalating a Metal Chick and amazed her with Story Telling of past Concerts of Future Adventure Projection.
    I wish to sleep with at least 3 women aged 18-30, One per night or more. As the Bands are so random on different stages possible one type of each type.
    Girl who likes Motley Crue- usually hot but dresses slightly "normal" looking
    Girl who likes Slipknot- noticed how they wear PVC trousers and thongs? :-)
    Girl who likes Classic Rock- cougar who was hot in her day

    As Rock Festivals attract a large crowd and are good for mingling it shouldn't be too long to strike up a conversation with an eager chick (done this before but not Escalated). High Five her, lift her up, put arm around shoulder whispher "What acts are you listening to darling?".
    Isolate her by telling Group we're going to Get Beers, use Porta Loo etc. As walking as where it's best to get Tattoos done on body (she points and Kino's etc), then Break Rapport "Urgh stop people will think we're a Couple".
    Playfight and then take her behind Beer Tent or wooded area Make Out and then say "Shush, we should get back to our friends".
    "Seed" the thought that I'm staying in a Hotel (overhype where I'm staying and mention Beer in Fridge, Bath with Scented Candles etc) and change subject after she says "Aww how nice".
    After first day Closes say to target You better get going, I'm heading back to my place for Beer and a Bath whilst listening to Music etc.
    If girl/s is/are Local and/or doesn't have Accomodation I can offer them a room for the night..........

    I'm not Camping. I chose not to camp as I would be rolling solo, I don't own a Tent and the Hotel I got in a cheap Package Deal. I also don't have access to the Camp site unless I jump the fence (if I get a Tent invite).

    I don't Smoke Weed. Some Rock Chicks go nuts for getting bombed (Attraction Forums Moderator this is Rock N Roll) on Weed, Coke and or 3 days of Constant Booze. Not being a fart; in my younger days "I've done all that" and I'm living a Healthy Lifestyle and balanced diet watching my figure getting muscular.

    Its my first "Festival" and I don't want to waste it. People get laid at this Festivals all the time. However I get the feeling as it is so "Communial" and I won't have any Weed on me it will be hard to get a girl back to Hotel Room.

    Post suggestions below

  2. Bit late now, but how did you do?
    Any tips for an AFC kinda guy at a festival?

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    Dont be an afc.

  4. I was about to Make a thread similar to this. Anyways most chicks are either drunk, a little drunk or in the crazy party mode. Each girl probably has a million other guys trying to pick her up...the guy girl ratio is usually worse at concerts than a bar or club. Anyways I thought of something like this at a recent festival I was at. I'm 6"3 so most people espeacially girls have a hard time seeing over me. I was trying to fiqure out the exact wording bit basically something like :

    girls: a peck on the cheek and you get to move in front of me.

    Or I was thinking something raunchier but then it would limit the attraction to drunk or party chicks. Maybe

    Girls: I'd be glad to move you in front of me if I can grind on you.

    Not perfect yet but you get the idea. It'll get tons of attention anyways. You'll probably even gets guys commenting about it which does the social proof good. Anyways give me some more ideas as to wording

  5. In the past I've offered to let them sit on my shoulders - as a female friend once said to me 'about the only time a girl will rest her crotch on your head when you've just met'! After a bit, suggest they swap with their friends for fairness, so you can have a chat with the others.
    Presume there's some DHV in there - presuming you can hold 'em up for a while anyway ... while average height, I'm stocky-enough that it's no problem for me.

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    Give her a hard time how she looks so sweet and innocent and get her to give you her best metal face (aka hardcore badass expression). Ranking stuff, etc.

  7. ^^ Ranking stuff? What do you mean?

    And ahh yes How did I forget the mighty sit on shoulders trick. And it gave me an idea for the t-shirt

    how about something like :

    Girls: If you cant see above me I offer piggy backs. $5

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    She gives you her best metal face and you evaluate it with either a number scale ("That was pretty good I'll give it a 6) or giving her gold stars. Actually, High-5's also work.

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    Hi guys

    Had an awesome weekend (I know it was over two weeks ago) but I'll spare the live music reviews on a PUA forum.

    To cut a long story short I did get two Kiss Closes, one from the predicted Female Motley Crue Fan HB7.6 and one from a Female HB7.5 Marylin Manson Fan.
    Not bad considering I was rolling solo, my Hotel was 30 Minutes away by Car (extractions/logistics were hard as people were either Camping, In Nearby Hotels or Getting Bus to nearby Nottingham City Uk) and practically every female had her Heavily "Peacocked", heavily Tattoed all male posse/troupe/camp with her. That didn't stop me asking
    "So how does everyone know each other?"

    Of course majority of the time 90% I was in the Mosh Pit, Getting down the front, visiting Beer Tent/Hotdog Stand etc.

    The first thing that strikes me about Music Festivals is that many people come in large groups of friends, they bring their Family, Work Buddies and Social Circle with them.

    I also noticed that guys who had pulled HB10s (one girl that I remember was thin but curvy Naturally Platinum Blonde, Had a PVC corset, Fishnets and Thigh High Boots) they always had an equally peacocked boyfriend with them.

    I agree with Brad P that Males who convey their identity through relevant and daring clothing attracted women far more quickly than those who didn't. I saw the shortest (just under 5 foot tall), fattest, ugliest dude, with a spiked pink Mohawk, Tatoos and New Rock Boots walking hand in hand with another 6 foot Blonde HB9!

    So onto the kiss closes I got, they were pretty easy and were carried out in the same way.

    Me-(yelling) Wow aren't (insert band name) fucking amazing, this is the most energetic set I've seen all day! (Situational Opener)-
    Rock/Metal Chick- (leans in as I point to my ear before she replies with her hand on my shoulder) Yeah I saw them in 2003 etc, they were amazing
    Me- 2003? Thats nothing, saw them in 1996 when I was 14 years old when still in High School, its good to see them all these years later.
    R/M Chick- No way! You look so young and you saw them back then? (note I look after my appearence, Health, Gym, Moisteriser, Relxation, Massage etc)
    Me- Yeah you're right. You're too young for me, Im almost old enough to be your Daddy (she was 19 years old- Im 27). And I wouldn't date a girl who wears such an awesome- leather jacket/ PVC Trousers. Now get out of here (push her away whilst smiling).
    R/M- (Pushes back smiling and laughing).
    Me- (Repeat above) No I'm serious, I have a girlfriend- but she's a "straight" though and wouldn't dress in such daring clothing (note Im complimenting her "clothes" and not her).
    "How adventurous are you on a scale of 1 to 669?"
    R/M- (Laughing) 665.
    Me (recognising conversation isn't a good thing whilst band playing). What's the best way to stay in contact with you?
    R/M- Not on Facebook, however I do have a boyfriend. (girl/s recieve text message from different stage). Motley Crue, Enter Shakiri's on Stage 2. (I had stage schedule and can confirm this was correct)
    Me- Ok, I have a straight girlfriend and you have.....a boyfriend (downbeat). We;re at a festival whats the craziest thing you've done all weekend? (Triangular Gazing)
    R/M_ Blushes
    Me "Ok I get it, make it quick"


    Notes for Next Time

    Bring girls to the event prior to leaving, due to fact most girls are with boyfriends
    Stay at Campsite instead of Hotel as easier to Extract to Tent
    Bring Weed to knock out/create diversion of Males
    Network with Hot Rock Metal Chicks from Facebook and invite them Two Months previous to event (especially those have never been to a Festival

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