Amar sexo vs fazer sexo

The topic that i will talk about, for some reason, is a topic almost forgotten in this board. I wonder why when it is the "goal" that guys aim for when they arrive here. Yes, gentlemen I am talking about sex. Oh, but many of you may say "I know how to fuck" or "I have this 30 inches dick, I do wonders". Oh really? Congrats to you, but that actually doesnt matter shit. And you say "What how can that doesnt matter shit?". I will explain to you...

My brothers, understand something, if you want to have amazing sex, then you must love sex, trully embrace it as part of yourself. I talk about sex with my friends and many of them say that they love sex and they love women. That is a lie, that is probably the one of the biggest lies that I ever eard. These guys dont love sex and these guys dont love women. Just because you say that some girl has HUUUUGE TITS!!, doesnt mean that you can see beauty in a woman. Loving women is much more than that, loving women is understanding the core essence of women, to be fascinated by them and to love them. This is also the reason for the infamous One-itis... c´mon man how can you have One-itis if you can see how beauty women really are? I must say that i love women but i am not in love with my girlfriend, it is different. I can see how beautifull she is, i can reveal her true beautifull nature and i can make her feel feminine as nobody else can right now... but falling in love with someone is much more than this.

With sex is the same thing. You can say that you love sex, that you "fuck her hard like there is no tomorrow and you even finger her and you give her pleasure this way". What a fucking hero that you are! Dude, this was exactly what the guy that went with me in the driving exam said... oh and by the way he was the kind of guy that lacks teeths, fresh showers and some neurons, oh and he occasionally stab people. That shit ( the fucking like DA MAN ) is what most guys do and then they see themselves like fucking pimps because the got ther dick inside the girl and banged her so hard and then fingered her. Let me ask you this... are you like any other guy? Do you consider yourself avarage? So why da fuck are you fucking a girl like any other guy?! Seriously, even my father can "fuck hard" and he doesnt even should know where the g spot is.

Sex just like attraction is a game, that you need to undestand and love. Why do you think that most girls go nuts when they watch Hollywood drama movies? Well girls fucking love drama!! Last week my gf showed me a video of the movie "Nine and half weeks", well the movie sucks... but there is a part where Mick Rowe blindfold the girl, and then tease her in a very seductive way. My gf watching this was like "I want this so much!!!", yeah girls show us this kind of things for a reason. :P And the actual sexual act, without any dramatic foreplay, without teasing, without surprise or without loving sex, loses so much of its essence. Most of my friends dont understand what means to "love sex", thats why they pretty much suck even though they might or might not have 10 inch cocks and they build their ego around that blowjob that they had 2 years ago.

When you love sex, you dont build your ego around it, you dont have any insecurity about what you are doing, you dont brag yourself about what you do... you are at peace with yourself, with the world, with the woman and with sex, because you love all of them. Learn to love it and be what most guys cant be.