BJR:"Fuck the shirt, just cum in my mouth (Explicit Content)
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    BJR:"Fuck the shirt, just cum in my mouth (Explicit Content)

    Credit JTR For the title (Fucking whiners)

    HBSuper: I don't think we should be doing this here...

    Me: You're right, just keep going, I'm almost done......

    HBSuper: Really, what if we get caught.

    Me: Caught! We're doing these people a favor

    HBSuper: OMG! I can't believe I'm doing this (slurp)

    Me: Ok, ok I'm about to bust, pass me that shirt or do you mind swallowing Hahaha..Nah you're too much of a nice girl for that.

    HBSuper: Nice girl! (slurp) you keep saying that I'm not as nice as you think...

    Me: Ok, Ok, whatever (reaching for the shirt) I'm about to pop, let go AHHH!!! AHH!!! UHH!!!

    HBSuper: Fuck the shirt.....just cum in my mouth

    I never did reach that shirt in time...


    I walked into Supercuts for my regular cut. This was during my 'New hairstyle," days. I sit down onto that old beat up couch and outdated magazines by my side. Fucking kid won't shut the fuck up. Crying and shit. Fucking place is filled with old hags and occasional hot milfs. The fuck am I doing here. Then at that moment. She walked out.

    Her hips swaying side to side. Highlights in her hair reminded me of Rogue from X-Men. Skin so soft & gentle. She had a rocker hairstyle with a red long sleeve top lowered just enough to show a couple inches of cleavage. Her beat up gloves matched her designer boots. Make-up smeared to an even tone throughout her face. As she approached the counter to call out my name, I let out a sly smile and couldn't help but to wonder how her voluptuous lips would look wrapped around my cock.

    It's the first day of class. Ahhhhh what a beautiful day it is. It's the day where the potential is at it's peak. HB's walking around left and right hurrying to get to their rooms. Titties and asses bouncing. I'm a horny bastard. I get to the door of my class room and check the room number. My concentration gets knocked as a cinnamon smell fills the air. It was like basking in the warm glow of a beautiful garden as it embelups you to be a part of it's everlasting glory. I turn to my left and there she was, HBSuper. My eyes lit up, pupils dilated and it was at that moment that I realized,

    I can actually fuck this chick..

    Note: Lately I've been saying shit so over the top it still amuses me how much I can get away with without being slapped or kneed in the groin. Also, familiarity is already built.

    Me: Hey! Do you know where I can find Sex Addicts Anonymous. I've been up all night studying.

    HBSuper: Hmmmm....what....I don't know....

    Me: Cool, I guess I'll just ditch with you. What class you got right now..

    HBSuper: Uhhh.....hmmm...oh Counseling 151

    Me: too. I bet you want to be a nurse. I can totally see you in a skimpy nurse outfit attending people. Just imagine, you're the last thing people see before they beat the dust. I'm JoRocK by the way.

    HBSuper: Hi! I'm HBSuper. Haven't seen you around the shop anymore. You cheating on me or what..

    Cool. She's opening up.

    Me: OMG! You are so damn jealous. And yes I'm cheating on you with my neighbor.

    Banter went on for a few minutes before we headed into class. It's important to note that this "relationship" went on through out the whole semester. She would always look for me before and after class. She'd sit right next to me all the time. During break we'd talk and what not. I pretty much found out everything about her. I also practiced Sexually Teasing her. (Credit Megatron) As time went by and we neared the end of the semester she started missing class. Eventually, I'd see her and she'd tell me she's Sexually frustrated because her "boyfriend" aint cutting it. I took that as a sign and made it my duty to please that booty.

    Our conversations were very sexually ramped most of the time. Half the time she'd initiate with shit like, "Would you ever let a girl kiss you after she blows you?" From that point on, I knew it was on like Donkey Kong. It wasn't until one day I decided to take this shit further.

    Monday she walked in looking sexy ass fuck. One more week till the semester ends. We do our usual back and forth banter during class. Eventually I pumped her BT. During one of the breaks I asked her to come with me to my car.

    Me: Loser! Come with me. I gotta get some shit from my car.

    As we walk towards the car I gauge her body language by asking questions that bring out hidden intentions or desires. Such as, "What would you do if' questions. I do a little bit of compliance and she complies to everything. The next step was for me to amp it up and actually get physical with her. We get to my car and I try for the make out..

    Me: Hey! HBSuper (leaning against car) Can I be honest with you for just a sec

    HBSuper: Sure! (stands right in front me)

    Me: I fucken sexy.........

    I was nervous as shit when those words left my mouth. It was a do or die situation. She started blushing and giggling. She was nervous.....

    Me: How does that make you feel? (Credit: Hypnotica)

    HBSuper: (Looks down and giggles; Submissive body language) I hate it when you do this....

    Me: Hahahaha come here..... (BAM! MAKEOUT!)

    So now we're making out and she's the aggressor. I can tell she's super turned on. How you say? Here pussy was wet son! :yahoo: We get into the back seat of my car and she's on top of me making out hardcore. She's shaking. How fucking sexy is that!

    HBSuper: About time you kiss me....

    I start fingering her through her skirt and she's dripping wet. Her ass plumped on my cock. At that point I realized I can fuck her. I reach over to my glove compartment to grab a condom. It was just enough time to get her thinking about what she was doing. LMR strikes. All of a sudden, the whole dynamic changes and the tension is broken. FUCK! I managed to get some tension going by doing a bit of push and pull...

    It was a weird scenario for me because I wasn't used to it. She sat on the left of me pondering. So I did the next best thing and started qualifying once again and eventually ended into Comfort. (Has this shit ever happen to anyone?) Comfort is one of my strongest points because I'm very passionate when I speak and am genuinely interested in her answers. Again the sex talk ensues and by now I know I have no chance in laying her. I gotta get to class soon.

    The topic of blowjobs comes up and that light bulb in my head comes on that says, "Fuck it, I'll let her suck me up." Now, out of all the chicks I've been with, all of them have done the deed. I've subconsciously developed a consistent "Routine," that almost always ends up in a BJ. It's a mixture of Comfort, Sexual tension, push pull, and questioning her "womanhood." I also make her feel as if everything is normal to me without fear of being judged.

    I grab her hand and place it on top of my cock.

    HBSuper: OMG Jo! I can't believe you.....

    Me: You started now finish it..

    HBSuper: What do you mean...

    Me: Look HBSuper, I like you. I want you to be perfectly comfortable around me.

    HBSuper: But I am. I'm usually shy around others but when I'm with you, I feel as if I can say and do anything...

    Me: Well, prove it.. (MONSTER EYE CONTACT)

    HBSuper: What do you want me to do....

    Me: I want you to go down on me...

    Tension builts for about 30 secs...She couldn't believe I said that

    Me: Honestly, I would love it if you do that for me....(It's important to note that I'm saying all this in a very gentlemen like manner with a lot of passion)

    She ponders. I know she really wants to do it. She just doesn't want to be misjudged or feel slutty.

    Me: Listen, I know the misconception this brings up. But to tell you the truth, this is perfectly normal. Sex is normal. (Stroke her face) Look at me, (Left eye contact; window to the soul) I....will....never....judge you. Will you do that for me? (Kiss)

    HBSuper: OMG Joe...what do you do to me...

    Me: I'm just a loving charming guy.......

    I threw a joke in there to break the tension a bit.....

    HBSuper: Unzip your pants fucker.....

    Me: Ooo, I love it when you take control...

    HBSuper: I've never done this...

    Me: It's okay, just don't bite me....

    HBSuper proceeds to put me in her mouth...

    HBSuper: I don't think we should be doing this here...

    Me: You're right, just keep going, I'm almost done......

    HBSuper: Really, what if we get caught.

    Me: Caught! We're doing these people a favor

    HBSuper: OMG! I can't believe I'm doing this (slurp)

    Me: Ok, ok I'm about to bust, pass me that shirt or do you mind swallowing Hahaha..Nah you're too much of a nice girl for that.

    HBSuper: Nice girl! (slurp) you keep saying that...

    Me: Ok, Ok (reaching for that shirt) I'm about to pop, let go AHHH!!! AHH!!! UHH!!!

    HBSuper: Fuck the shirt, just cum in my mouth..

    I never did reach that shirt in time...

    It was a crazy ass experience for me. HBSuper came out my car with a cheeky smile and she muttered the words, "I enjoyed that." After our afternoon special. We proceeded to walk to class. I hit the restroom and couldn't help but laugh. The shit was still throbbin.

    That's right bitches. We Keep It Throbbin'


    CCLB Dynasty...

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    The colored fonts make your post all but unreadable.


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    Awesome JoRock!

    Getting BJs between classes shows how strong your game has become!

    From one big guy to another, we're awesome!

    - SteamRoller
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    To get a woman, you have to be willing to risk losing her. - Neil Strauss The Game p.94

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    good shit, analyzing your post I think what you did that got you that girl was a combination of being fear less and aggressive. You did not care about her approval so you felt free to say whatever the fuck kind of outlandish shit you wanted to and you were aggressive enough to not falter but just straight up asking her to blow you. Good shit.

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    This doesn't seem like much of a field report. More like some sex fantasy you wanted to share for whatever reason. Kinda weird that you spent a whole semester gaming this girl too. Idunno man. Just seems kinda perverted to put all of that detail in here.

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    Thanks...but the only reason I didn't game all semester was because I didn't want no awkwardness that may interrupt my studies. Natural push/pull don't you think...

    Thanks for the feed back tho...

  7. Bravo! I thoroughly enjoyed reading that one.

    It sounds like you are becoming more in tune with the signals women put out there when they just wanna fuck. If you know what to look for, you can strike gold.

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    "Never did reach that shirt on time" --- Classic Quote !!

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