Adding girls from Social circle on Facebook?
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  1. Adding girls from Social circle on Facebook?

    do u just add them without building much attraction?

    or do u first message them....and then add later.

    it she wasnt in my social circle..i wud message first...some roleplay thingy or comment on her pic.

    problem...her english isnt very gotta keep smthg simple

    there are some hot chinese HBs in my social circle i met at a small bbq party...i wanna game one of them.

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    Why not? Just add and comment here and there. Part of you being in the social circle and a regular part of their life. Invite your target to something you're doing already "I'm catching some standup comedy at this bar tonight. You should join me"

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    I do this quite often and it works everytime.

    Its pretty much bulletproof especially if you already have friends in common. Number closes should be effortless after a few messages back n forth.

    building attraction is definately what you have to present. Remember, she doesn't know you from yourself. only from what she's heard from other people.


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    I just randomy add girls, then message them later on and usually get a response, it doesn't matter how much later I message either.

    But I am referring to myspace also, I just recently started using facebook and I just add any girls or guys who I know, on both.

    ALso messaging before adding seems a bit unnecessary.

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    go for it. it's very easy to get numbers off of facebook.

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