A video on how to walk, sit and talk like alpha male.
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  1. A video on how to walk, sit and talk like alpha male.

    found this video of marlon brando..

    everything he does is alpha...just watch it and learn from it.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAPDQ5MlLxE&fmt=18]YouTube - Marlon Brando Interview 1973 (Pt 1 of 6)[/ame]

    some things i observed:

    he never positions his body to the person..instead the person positions his body towards him and leans in.

    he speaks, gestures in his own slow pace...like he is underwater....he lives in his own reality.

    he doesnt show lot of teeth while smiling..a very relaxed smile

  2. It's easy to see peoples actions as "alpha" when they already have high social status. I like Marlon Brando but if you strip away his fame and put him as a regular guy then I'd describe this more as drunk, high, or just plain slow minded and boring.

    Not really alpha male at all in my opinion but that's just how I see it. Although his seating posture and facial expressions seemed kind of cool I wouldn't recommend anyone to act like that.

  3. He was too boring. It could never work in the A phase. Maybe in C, if you could liven up a bit. His body language was good, however.

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    alpha shmalpha

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    when you're Marlon Brando you can do whatever you want and you will be the man

  6. Actually what you should take from him is the huge disinterest he conveyed.
    When the audience screamed for I don't know how long, he almost didn't smile. He just didn't care. He didn't feel validated from the audience because he doesn't need external validation.
    Also his body language wasn't towards the host, when the host talked he looked completely distracted - lifting things and examining them, then interrupting the host only to ask what's the piece of junk is. That implies that Brando's interest in uninportant things is more important of the host itself. Also the fact he didn't co-operate with the host, didn't answer enthusiastically and looked pretty distracted, like he doesn't care he's on TV.

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    There was nothing alpha in that video, that was just Brando being Brando. Everyone knows he was a douche to a certain degree and that was just him not caring about being there or pleasing the host.

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    Thank you, Darth Wayne~!!!!

    Actually, i disagree. He would be hot even if he wasn't famous. Fame has nothing to do with it. I agree with Voodooz:

    This is what Alpha-Male BL does for you.
    a) He is calm, relaxed, leans back = in control.
    b) looks away ~70% of the time = checks out environment "for predators" = Alpha male of the TRIBE
    c) Breathing slower than others
    d) SMILE is predatory - when needed = Alpha
    e) Moves LESS than the other person = Mystery says whoever moves less in a social setting is @ the top of a hierarchy. (Of course if you want to be a High-Energy Alpha this won't work all the time)
    f) Interrupts the host
    g) Takes his TIME answering = in control of time = in control of situation = alpha
    h) The other guy is "running round, serviing, helping with h2o, feeling self-conscious"
    g) WATCH HIS FRAME!!!!

    Conclusion: MBrando displays perfect LOW-Energy Alpha-Male BL> Any guy would be HOTTTTT if he acted like this = no matter what you look like!!!!!!! Bruce Willis does this too i think. So does Tyson Beckford.

  9. If you brought a guy that acted like that over to three girls whom he's never met before and he acted like that they would either call security or just leave out of boredom.

    Like I said, if you already have social status then this could work but it's not going to work if you just met people which is what pickup is all about. He has cool body language but in order to build attraction you have to interact and say things, not act bored, fumble around with a water glass and act like you wish you weren't there.

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    To think what he became...uggg

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