Good venues/strategy for sarging alone?
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  1. Good venues/strategy for sarging alone?


    Since my closest buddies are splitting for the summer and I am moving to NYC on my own, I was thinking about hitting some 18+ venues(not 21 yet) over the next 2 months.

    I noticed that this might be easier to do on a big club with a dance floor as girls tend to be alone there. If it is a bar, everyone has their little groups and going alone might be a DLV if you wander around aimlessly. However, on the dance floor, the music is too loud, so there is no way you can get a conversation going. Besides, my dancing abilities are disgraceful. The times I have tried to dance with a girl, disaster ensued.

    So, what do you guys recommend? What are some good openers when you are alone and where do you go to target girls (i.e. where in the club is the best place to open them)? Also, what types of venues are good for this?

    Thank you so much and lets make the most out of this summer!

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    I think your best bet is to go around and look for spots theres places all over manhattan. The only place I can think of thatll let 18 year olds in is bar 13 near union sq. Its a $10 cover tho and it is loud music. Last time I was there they had the similar dance floor you described and then they had an outdoor smoking lounge on the third floor (2nd floor was a private party). To be truthful I hate that place but maybe youll like it give it a shot its only $10. You should call em up and ask em to double check if they let in 18 year olds and double check the cover cuz the doorman might try to pull a fast one on you to make you pay more. Also you should get there by 11 to 11:30 cuz the doorman is dickhead and make up some bullshit about there being to many guys in there.

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    Large clubs are best. If you don't know anyone there ANYWAYS, it really isn't that big of a deal. The main problem for ME if I'm sarging alone is running into people I know. No one who doesn't know you is paying that much attention to you. If they are, they're giving you serious IOI's and you should approach. NOW!

  4. Cool, thanks guys. I have been in such venues and split from my friends, I guess this would amount to sarging alone, I jsut don't feel like I have the material/experience to work on two or more girls at once. In that sense, it does help having someone to open groups. I will be in NYC starting june 15th, if anyone is up to go out with me, let me know. I haven't really applied game and MM yet, but I am more than willing to help you opening anyone and practicing.

    If I could find a mentor here, that would be cool!

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    Webster hall is the venue you want
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  6. cool, I definitely liked it there the time I went.

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