F close, Full Monty, Monkey Love you call it. "Movie Buddy" To "Fuck buddy" update
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    F close, Full Monty, Monkey Love you call it. "Movie Buddy" To "Fuck buddy" update

    All right, My cock really hurst right now so I will try to be brief.
    If you didnt read my previous post you will have to, or you wont understand whats happening.
    So I went to the movies with her again. "I called her and said I will meet you there cause I have to go to church right after" (we usually see 2 movies, not this time. During the movie she commented" I cant believe you are going to leave me alone here, common stay with me" I said "no, I got go to church confess my sins"
    During the Scary Movie 4 (which sucked) I didnt kino, I was just shooting the shit and watching the trailer. She started to kino me and I said to her... hey remember wha I said about letting me watch the movie?
    She laughed took her hands away, then I said "I bet that within 10 minutes you will be all over me. She Laughed again and said you wish.
    About a half hour later she start grabbing me again.This time I let her.
    I didnt kiss during the movie once.
    War Of The Worlds was a big piece played in scared movie. She didn't see WOW yet so I casually told her that I had the dvd, she immediately responded, "I want to see it". I made a mental note and watched the movie to the end.
    As we left scary movie it was 830 pm, the church started at 8. I busted on her that If I die next week I will burn in hell and it will be her fault.
    I reached for my mental note and said " lets go to my place watch war of the worlds.
    She agreed.
    When we arrived it was raining hard. We go up the elevator and I kept talking all the way up. I learned recently that If you let silence reign, she will be going crazy in her head thinking about what will happen or whatever and I dont want that happening again. (last time she almost came to my place but she changed her mind on the way).
    I have a brother who lives with me but was at church at the time. When I got home but I knew he would arrive soon. I have a dvd player in the living room and in my bedroom. I wanted to bring her to the living room try the dvd and act if is was broken so we had to go to my room (I got this from dvd interview). But as I turn it on and began to change channels (I was going to skip the right one) I accidentally I put on the right channel she saw it was the right one and said "you skipped go back", I was like "fuck" (not out loud). I play the movie and sit.
    While on the sofa I put my hand on hers and smelled her neck, and then her ear, chicks go crazy when I breath on their ear. When she reached to kiss me I stoped. I did that three times and finally kissed her. When I felt it was getting heavy I turn off the tv grabbed her hand and walked to my room. All the way there she was saying "no no no".
    She resited for one second to get into bed. We kissed and grinded with clothes on, I went for the bra she said no, but then It was off in one minute.
    Then I went for the pants and she said she cant because she was in those days. When she reached for my hand to stoped me I said. Its ok baby I understand. I got up went to my computer and checked my email. Then I told her come here let me show you some funny videos I have (I use metacafe great program with funny and odd shit)
    I showed her three videos she laughed and I said ok thats enough.
    When we finish watching the videos It was 10:20 pm, she said she had to go home (bs.. all the times we went to the movies on sundays we left around 130 am) She reaches for a good bye kiss and I start all over again. I put her on my lap standing up, and trow her on the bed. We maked out grind a little more and when she was really exited I told her "take you shirt off. She did, but there was another underneath, a few minutes later I said "take that off". She complied, by then her bra was off too. Still she didnt want to take the pants off. While I was kissing her breasts I asked her "you like that?" She said "yes" Then I reached for the pussy and started rubbing it she got really horny and I asked again "Do you like when I rub my hands here?"(low voice) Yessssssssss she replied.
    Then I said " do you want it? she goes "yesssssss" I said "what? tell me that you want that dick really hard" She said " yes I wanted it now!!!. She took her pants off by her self, then I gave it to her. That happened after she continually said that she couldnt do it because she was on her last day in her period. Compliance rocks.
    We fucked for about 30 minutes until we realized the condom was off. Shit, I know she is not a ho, and I didnt come so I wasnt too worried. For the first time I talked diry, and she loved (thanks for masterfull lover).Then we went on for another 30 She gave me head like no one has ever before it was amazing. I take a lot of time to come. I fucked her without a condom for a couple minutes really hard and I felt it coming. I took it out and the first shoot when straight into her right eye. I dont know how the fuck that happened cause I wasnt anywhere close to her head. Her eye turned really red in the next minute. When was time to leave my brother was playing world of warcraft on the compu in the living room, and he knows her. She didnt want him to see her after all the noise so I went to the freezer to get a water and told him to go to his room for 1 minute. She grabbed her purse and out she went.
    I can only imagine how loud the sex will be without anyone around.
    She lives 15 minutes from my apartment.
    I want thank Rain and Gago for the tips, I had that in mind but your posts made me stick to the plan.
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    Nice work! Congrats.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rick
    I fucked her without a condom for a couple minutes really hard and I felt it coming.
    My animal brain tells me to do this with every new girl, but I don't do it. If you develop really solid game, you are going to end up with a host of STDs soon. Stick with the condoms.
    Regarding the period thing, I usually go for a bjclose instead. Either she's telling the truth (eww) or she's lying and won't want to admit that. You may find more LMR in the future. Maybe not, but it will be hard to tell until it's happened several times.
    Overall it looks like you handled this really well. Really nice work.
    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums mod or admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

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    I know...

    Yeah, I know I shouldnt, but I know this girl for long time, she last fucked with her boyfriend back in brazil about 1 year ago. She said it hurted like if she was a virgem, and I had to go really slow the first time in.
    Who am I kiddin.. cant trust them.

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    Jesus Thinks

    please save yourself.
    Go to any university campus, or community center, and stack up on FREE CONDOMS. I get a pack of 10 every week.
    Peace and Love,
    Slide Jesus some Skin.

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    Shame on you.

  6. Way to go Rick, really nice job. I'm new to this, but it looks like you really sticked to the method this time, and it paid off.
    By the book LMR routines too.

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    Glad it worked out for you man. You really demonstrated some top-notch game.
    I've noticed that the "that time of the month" excuse has become a popular one of late. Freeze-outs are a great way to test if that's really what is going on or not.
    I won't lecture you, but condoms are a must. I've broken this rule many times myself. So I understand when it happens. But you don't want to be sidelined before your brilliant career as a PUA gets started. OK?

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    One of the only things that I would have changed is in the very beginning where you putzed around with the DVD player in the living room. You should have just walked in and said, "Normally we would watch it in here, but my stupid brother/friend broke it. The only other working one is in my room." Ofcourse then, you get into your room, and the only place to sit/lay is on your bed. Into the movie, you can at any time start to fool around, and since you don't have to get up to go to your room, or anywhere else for that matter, you'll run into a LOT less LMR. Another thing you might try when a girl tells you that she can't because "it's that time of the month," just pause like you're thinking about it, and then say, "Well...I s'pose we could do it in the shower." I've had some success with this one. Do/say whatever you need to in order to get her into the shower with you. Once you're in there, make it fun. Start off washing eachother's hair, etc. then wash eachother's bodies. At that point, that's where it can start to get sexual. Play with that idea for a little while.

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    Jesus Thinks

    My LTR1 had this issue and refused sex. BULLSHIT I went along with it coz i didn't really give a fuck.
    Long ago I read somewhere that when arousal occurs, the blood stops flowing out... True?
    Whats the cleanliness factor on sex while period? I hear its sloppy as shit.
    Now that I think of it, i dont know if it would be painful for the girls? what about fingering while shes on period.....ewwwwwww nasty.
    Peace and Love,
    Slide Jesus some Skin (not blood)

  10. I hate to get too graphic here, but this is the deal when you have sex with a girl on her period:
    The blood does not stop flowing out. It may be messy, it may not depending on the girl (some girls have heavy periods, others don't) and at what stage of their period they're in.
    It's not painful for the girls, any hesitation on their part (assuming they really are on their period) comes from shyness about the blood and messiness.
    And just to set the record straight:
    I don't like having sex with girls on their period, but it's happened. Some guys are into this; I had a friend who actually prefered going down on girls while they had their period. Yes, a bit strange, but he found a girl that loves it and they're happy, so more power to him.


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