Essência de se ser confiante

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    Essência de se ser confiante

    Mais um texto escrito por mim e retirado de um outro forum:

    Among this life there are several things that touches our soul in a very specific way, for some guys it is "The Secret"; for others is "The Power of Now", for others are movies like "The Wrestler" or the mytical "Fight Club", it depends... But beneath all this phylosophies, - that some of them i describe enterely-, there is one thing that gives me more power than everything else. It is: core confidence, pure core confidence.

    This is the ultimate state of being, this is what i understand by the LOA or by TPON, it all resumes to one simple thing, ourselves, - not in a ego base frame. I understood this today, i had sleeped very few hours, at the school break i was my gf and things werent flowing, i then had a major exam and finally i was walking down the street. I was trying to focus, to enjoy the moment, to send out good vibes the entire morning, but still there was something that was missing. Then i mentally stopped and i tought came by: "You are enjoying the now, but based on external factors, not on yourself. This is not what you should be doing, you are confident..." And it strucked me. Confidence, the core skill of inner game. With great confidence you can everything, with great confidence you are free from your ego, because you are just letting yourself go. This is what means for me being confident. It is the basis of my persona, of my superior self.

    See this: when you are confident you dont worry about anything, because you trust in yourself, you know that everything will be just fine. This means that you are totally at ease with the world around you and mainly with yourself. So basicly you dont have to worry about a shit, this means... that you are free from your blood thirsty ego. You start flowing, because you are not thinking, you are taking the moment for granted! This is the core of all disciplines of thought, solid confidence.

    The problem with it is that it is such a basic stuff, right? One of the first things that we learn when we came into this is: be confident. But as many other things we take it as something that we are, but we arent. Confidence means faith, power, freedom, enjoying, living. Believe in yourself at the fullest, understand that all your power comes from inside yourself. This is why i say that if you dont have great confidence then having a five star body language or having a deep voice doesnt matter at all, because in the end you will sound incongruent. And belive me, being incongruent is one of the worse things that you can project about yourself. But if you are truly confident then you are gonna have great body language, good voice, you will be fun, sociable and free. This is the core of humanity, this is the core essence of all the great men, all the insecurity and needyness will vanish.

    Be confident and you will have your life at your feet

    Much love,

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    Bom post. De vez em quando é bom ler posts desses, assim nos lembram do que realmente é ser confiante. Falo por mim, já tinha esquecido de algumas coisinhas. Andava a procura de aprovação, enquanto so preciso de aprovação de uma única pessoa, eu mesmo. Thanks... sinto-me renovado hehe... Estava na dúvida se ia tocar numa festa esta sexta, mas ajudaste-me a tomar a decisão, óbvio que vou... vão estar lá hb's, quero tentar bater o meu record de 1 noite 3kc's hehe... im a dog... im going to the 5 4 5 ... the master level...


  3. Se essa parte do forum é em português, porque então você não traduz esse texto para nosso idioma? =T

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