Anyone Read the Red Book?
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  1. Anyone Read the Red Book?

    I recently found out that there's a book by Neil called the Red Book where it details all the technique that he used in The Game.

    Was wondering if anyone has had their hands on it and what is it about really?


  2. Sounds interesting.
    Buy it and let us know how it is

  3. I received the e-mail solicitation for this product last week. I'm hesitant to purchase this set because lately Neil has become an infomercial pitchman, every one of his products is the "absolute final word on this subject...volume 2 coming soon!"

    The book comes packaged with CDs of Neil's audio interviews with various gurus taken directly from the site. I've read the reviews on this site and I'm guessing that the audios are nothing special?
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    ConjugalVisit Guest

    After "annihilating" the competition from retirement - I have a hard time believing anything he says. Since Lisa close-phucked someone else, I think he is in Mystery's shoes now.

    Don't get me wrong, I think Style is the sh1t - I'd love to hang out with him, wing him, and help get him laid...but I have a hard time believing he's "doin' it for the kids."

    After reading his book for a second time over the last three years the only thing that made the most sense came from the dude that phucked hookers to gain confidence...

    "Snap out of your trance and stop handing your salary over to a bunch of
    losers who are only able to seduce gullible guys. There's more to life than

    - Prizer

  5. Great point, CV.

    In Rules of the Game Neil touches on people being "perfect preparers", gathering any and all information they can before actually doing anything. I think the SLA and this offer are intended for exactly those types.

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