I know a cute girl near boston might wanna cruise with PUA's

theres a free PUA club in honolulu where i live with like 90 guys in it
im sure boston is sorta the same. theres probably a free pua club/group with a buncha guys in it right?

i know a cute girl who is looking to expand her circle of male friends. she is single but she is sorta looking for a boyfriend/FWB. she isnt sure what she is looking for yet. when you guys sarge in groups she could cruise with you guys and maybe one of you if your lucky will score a date with her or something.

she can also wingchick with you guys and stand with a dude and be his "female friend" to serve as a DHV for him

heres some of her pics

she weights like 100 pounds lol she is super cute

this girl is just sort of bored of her circle of friends and wants to go out there and meet new people... but whenever she goes out she is so hot all men are afraid to approach her. she is only 18 years old and doesnt want to do the club/bar scene because theres mostly douchebags there

whatever someone from the local bostom PUA club/group PM me maybe she can meet up with u guys. but she is a total nice girl, and will be very hard to crack because she is aware of the game. but she is willing to meet new friends