slick AMOG undermine
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    slick AMOG undermine

    so im in a new relationship with a girl ive been talking too. we spent the weekend together. we spend friday preparing for a sat cook out. she tells me a friend is bring a guy she doesnt remember but she knows his sister and doesnt like him. so he ran in similar circles.

    anyway homie gets there and is cool. after being on the forum and doing some reading you start recognizing subtle game(mine was late tho). he constantly hit with DHV stories (ex-military, shot a lil girl not too much older than my girls daughter in combat) he even was slick with this one "hey my dad is gonna put me up on a paid trip to datytona beach trip would you go" before i knew it shee was right there with him and "wheres my ticket". we talked and talked and he always had friends in the field she wants a job in suggestions and all that shit. mannin the grill down. in hindsight, he out alhpa-ed me. only time i put him in place was when he injected hisself into my sex life after my girl said something like "lets see how you move to this music (salsa/regaeton) and she knows im good other places" he quickly jumps in wit "she is saying you are good in bed" and as i turn to look at him she is repeating herself to him. i told him slow down lil buddy and she danced away.

    she tells me later (next morning) he asked her homegirl for her number and wanted to know if they could hang. she said she had a boyfriend and its not like that but still gave the number. then she randomly brings dude up once in conversation while im there and once while im back home last night.

    i was a lil stuck so i just was unreactive about it. no response the first two times. then she tells me he left his glasses there. (i knew it was game) and he had called about him meetin her somewhere to get them (still from a blocked number so she cant call him back).

    in conversation we talked about us and that type shit and she was asking about chicks chasin me and i was unreactive still just sayin that of course im hot so they are supposed to and that she is to so they supposed to game her too but as long as trust is there we cool.

    its a long story and i tried to get all the details in. is there any way i should have handled this better and how should i handle it going forward?

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    lots of views but no replies?

    damn did i revoke my own card by non action?

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    Ok dude. Not to try and bring your whole thing down:

    Non-reactiveness is great. Definitely a trait of an alpha male. You passed the test! That's how you got into the relationship in the first place. But now there's another alpha treading in your territory. Basic rule of thumb here is to ensure that you show dominance without actually losing control. Always, ALWAYS appear in control even if you don't feel like it at the time. Over the course of your practices you should learn to actually HAVE the control (which, by the looks of it, you aren't doing so bad at).

    That having been said, once in a relationship, the non-reactive behavior can be toned down. While its still a trait of an alpha, so is being territorial. He just broke into your house and tried to fuck your woman. Its ok to show a little jealousy. But unless you know how shes going to react, I would try very subtle jealousy. Like change your posture to a more dominant one, put your arm around her when he walks up, etc... (all this shit is in Cosmo haha. "How to know your guy cares")

    Its not ok to fight the guy over talking to her, because then youll look like the asshole even though you know he's trying to climb into your nest and make himself at home. This is really easy for guys (especially guys like you) to see, but not so easy for women.

    Women might see him as being friendly. But if this AMOG was dancing with your girl, and you didn't at least say something about it, you might want to. You're in a relationship man! This isn't some bar-slut. She is YOUR PROPERTY (Not literally or even close to literally). You wouldn't let some strange motherfucker take your car keys and drive around the block in your new charger without asking would you.

    I don't know how well this would turn out. But Try more eye-contact with the guy. If he tries to dance with your girl again, walk up to his ass/or your girl and confront them about it. Dancing is a part of the mating process. He thinks he's working his way in, and your non-reactiveness is going to let him...

    My advice: Work on AMOGing (Read up on it hardcore), Let your girl know where you stand and let her know that she can still lose you (maybe tell her you're going out to the bar and she cant come), and remember non-reactiveness with females works to an extent but its a fine art and it should be balanced. Alpha's are non-reactive, but so are beta's (Seriously).

    Like I said though, your not all bad. You got the right idea, but more aggression. You seem like a decent pickup artist to me. And you seem to have most of the qualities needed to keep it that way. But balance! Not too much, and not too little. Peace.

    (You're a PUA! Think about how she is thinking of the situation, any decent PUA can lay how a woman thinks.)

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    thanks bro.

    i felt pretty good about things at the time. especially when i seen the game(it was pretty awesome, kinda like neo seeing the matrix lmao).

    hell no, dude didnt dance with my chick in front of me. that would have been clear test of will that he would have lost on sight.

    if the situation with him arises in the future, i will still be calm about it but more stern. im not possessive and me telling her to not talk to him sounds crazy and insecure. relationships are built on trust at the end of the day. if she is psycho enough to test other waters despite what she has on deck then so be it...

  5. so whatever happened to ur sitch with this asshole?

  6. Snap out of it, player. Two can play the jealousy game and you're a pickup artist. My money is on you, not her, in a social game of jealousy brinksmanship. We're talking about your girlfriend, right? She's going home with you, which is why the AMOG needed her number. Advantage you. If you run into this situation again, ensure she's the one fuming after the fact. Open set after set. Let her see you work, but never let her see you sweat.

    And, as a Marine Corps veteran myself, I can tell you with certainty that the military DHV can turn into a liability in a heartbeat. Let me explain:

    First, how is killing little girls a DHV? It's not. It's sick. Anyone bragging about this has more issues than TV Guide, and one of them is that he's a liar. It never happened. That is to say, it never happened to him. Hang around enough combat veterans like myself, and you'll quickly realize that legit combat troops don't talk about combat to people who've never been there. There's nothing "cool" about it, and getting details out of a real combat veterano is like pulling teeth. Anyone who volunteers anything more than a simple, "yeah, I was there and it sucked" to strangers is, nine times out of ten, full of shit. One last note on this point -- I go sarging with my buddy Ken, who served side-by-side with me in Iraq. But we never mention it to girls, unless we get the "how do you guys know each other" question. And even then, we quickly change the subject. It's kind of off limits, not because we made an official rule, but because no legitimate combat vet ever really enjoys talking about combat to people who've never been in it and therefore lack the capacity to fully understand. And that's also why real combat troops share a special bond, why an Iraq vet can have a beer with a 'Nam vet or a Korea vet and feel a kinship without saying a word.

    You could have easily pulled this guy's card by expressing your skepticism about his story in particular and his willingness to share it in general by saying something like, "Wow, man, most civilians really respect our soldiers. Whether your story is true or not, it'd be a shame if you screwed that up."

    Additionally, the military AMOG is largely an illussion. It's true, there is an implicit macho thing to it, and the "leader of men" switch is easy to flip when telling stories, but there are many aspects of military life that are complete DLVs. For instance, most enlisted troops have little more than a high school education. They live dangerously close to the poverty line, and they've never had to cut a rent check or any of a dozen other things a woman needs a man to handle. Their day-to-day life is far from the sexy macho stuff most people envision and their game is usually best characterized by overly try-hard attempts to paint the opposite picture. Their aggressiveness to this end is the result of constantly being surrounded by other dudes in target poor environments wherever they're stationed.

    There's no need to get punked out by a military AMOG, player. Just remember, within five days of being stationed overseas, he'll be paying for sex.

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