Savoy Field Report: 2 for 1
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    Savoy Field Report: 2 for 1

    Reposted (and expanded and edited) from The Real Savoy Blog.

    It started with a friend of mine on a date with a stripper. She brought a friend, so he invited me to join them for a bit. Why not. I got to the bar, got a drink, saw Brad, started to walk toward him and....

    ...noticed a hot, busty, blonde girl with beautiful skin. Not supermodel hot, but definitely club/bar hot. She was also by herself. Don't believe that shit about never approaching women by themselves. I do it all the time, and it works just fine. Just be aware that she probably does have friends there, they'll show up at any time, and be ready for that.

    I'm not going to do the whole field report on every step of the process (I'm going to post some other more detailed field reports in a bit), but within five minutes she had her arm around me and fifteen minutes she was on my lap...while we were talking to her friend who'd gotten back from the bathroom.

    Her (female) friend LOVED me by the way...that's so important. I do so much work on the friends, and as you'll see it was crucial in this case. I usually try to flatter single female friends and talk about a (mythical) guy I want to introduce her to and how perfect he'd be for her. Now I have value to her. Later I met her guy friend, who was hitting on some other girl. I swooped in to tell the girl how awesome he was...not that it was necessarily going to work (it didn't) but it got him on my side too. Anyway...

    Within 90 minutes, I said "let's go take a walk". I let her by the hand, to the alley behind the bar and tried to gently push down on her shoulders. She resisted.

    Me: You know what I want
    Her: I want you to say it
    Me: I want you to go down on me

    ...and she did

    Later I brought her back to the bar, and she left with her friends after giving me directions on how to follow her to her friend's house. But by this point I still hadn't even said hi to my friend or the two girls (he was doing just fine anyway), so I wandered over there, right as the lights came on.

    I hate how the lights come on at 2am in California.

    So the four of us walk to my friend's car. I decided, what the heck, and grabbed my friend's date's friend hand (the girl I was being set up with). She kind of looked at me and said it was weird we were holding hands when we'd only known each other for a minute (not to mention that I was getting blown about a half hour before). I agreed that it was weird. I didn't release her hand.

    That's all based on female psychology.

    We hit the car. My friend was going home with his date and I wanted seconds on the girl from earlier, so I left, but asked my friend to get this other girl's phone number (the girl who'd been holding my hand) for me. He got it from her while they drove her home, texted it to me, I texted her the next day and we went out a few days later (with everything going well).

    The funny part about THAT date? She told me a story about one of her friends giving a BJ behind the bar and about how unclassy and uncool it was. I was thinking...did you know what I was doing the night we met?

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    Nice one Savoy... as always... I believe the reason why she went out date with you would be what you did at bar (she probably watched you) and your reputation given to her by your male friend... Nice job as always from you

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    Good shit dude. The ending is awesome LOL

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    Go Go Gabriel Guest

    good stuff.

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    hahah, someday I'll be doing that kind of stuff!

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    I like agreeing with the frame that holding her hand is weird but doing it anyway. quality. did you ever find out whether she new it was you that got blown?

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    is this for real...?

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    Really good sarging man! you got what you wanted, everyone was happy.

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    I don't feel like most guys would have made that call, but that's why the instructors stand out from the students. Awesome field report.

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