Situational openers?

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  1. Situational openers?

    Ok, I know Magic Bullets suggests that they are far from the 'magic bullets' I could use , but I have most confidence in using them as I feel it's more 'justified' for me to start a conversation that way (so less fear of rejection and other stupid instincts, which I've got many of).
    Yes, it's something I need to overcome, but being, sadly, a typical 'AFC' newbie to PUA this is where I am and using them more means approaching more and gaining more confidence generally.

    So, any suggestions for general ones for Pubs/Clubs in the UK? If there's something obvious - ie someone trips over chucking their pint over their friend, I'll happily use that to start a conversation with the people next to me, or say ask if they know what a piece of music on is, but looking for more ideas from that.

    I have searched around, but guessing as they're not considered that great people haven't gone into details that often.


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    hey man, good choice on situational! these are the most dynamic as they relate to something that has just happened or happening.....the only thing is, is that to get them to work at their best they should come to you as it happens, tis is why its called situational and not scripted! These should come better with natural game and relaxtion in the field!

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    "Oh my god, did you see that?!"

    *point at shiny thing*

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    How's your stacking?

    If you're prepared to stack immediately after opening, then seriously go for Nully's approach of 'OMG LOOK AT [irrelevant object]' and just fly into a routine. I know some naturals who do this, and then go straight for a direct assault.

    The point of situational openers is that they're relevant, not really canned and interesting. Some people may recommend talking about the weather if you're outside, but that's just awfully boring. Have you tried opening with a neg like 'oh, that dress is very popular nowadays' or something?

    Just observe. What are they drinking? Does it seem weird? Then ask what it is. Are they wearing one of those tacky birthday badges from Clinton's? Why? etc. Situational openers should simply be improvised, and if you ask for them then they sound canned.

  5. Yea, my general goal is to get better natural game, but in a kinda catch 22 as it seems most start with variations of canned material; it doesn't really feel right with me as I tend to be pretty straight-talking, but based on what I've read it seems to work a load better than anything I'd normally say!

    Clothing I'll mention if it's outlandish, etc. But it's usually got to be pretty peacocked for me to overcome my AA if it's a case of walking to the other side of the bar. Drinks is a good point as is just generally 'observing' more, cheers.

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    it is a known fact that when you communicate you communicate with 57 percent body language 37 percent tonality and only 6 percent words, so when you say the things ae saying arent working, it very likely is the way you say it. Have you noticed some times you can watch a foreign film for quite a while and have no idea what they are saying?? it is the body and the tone of the actors that captures you, the word wouls just fine tune what is being conveyed! Be different, interesting and confident!

    Welcome to your new lifestyle. Are you tired yet?

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    Okay L.P here is what i did to develop natural game! About 7 years ago i moved cities in the UK, the city in which i moved from i was a shy skinny quiet boy, always polite and always liked....but never loved as i didnt stand out enough! I was always the girls best friend. So when i moved i made a decision that when i woke up the next morning (first day of college) i would just be louder, more confident, more ALPHA and more attractive. As this was very important to me i thought about all the charismatic, funny, attractive, popular guys i could think of......Will Smith (smooth cocky style), George Clooney (well dressed intelligent and smooth), Tom Cruise (bags of confidence and sex appeal even though he is borderline midget) even thought of all the great guys i knew! When the next day came i 'acted' this out everyday, it is now my personality as i have done it for so long! trial and error....but try it! worked a treat for me.

    Be cool

  8. Interesting point on the body language, cheers.
    In some ways I do act quite alpha naturally.
    Unfortunately my mind doesn't really come up with 'what Will Smith would say' when I'm chatting to a HB. A lot of that's probably just practice though, which I need to make more effort to do.

    If I've got it my mind what I'm going to say, or just generally talk about, that usually helps with my confidence which in turn helps generally. But not liking canned routines (I haven't tried any, I think I should work some out that I'm comfortable with really) I tend to be less confident as I don't have much to say in the first place.

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    this may sound a bit harsh too, but look at the people you are going out with. what are they like? It is better to be bottom rung of the cool group, than top of the uncool of the uncool group just means you are king of the losers.

  10. Not ideal, mostly AFCs too... but can all dress reasonably and don't look too much like dorks generally . And they tend to loosen up with a few drinks inside, while I find I still have as bad or worse AA however much beer I've had.

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