Vol. 36 – Love Systems In Everyday Life (Big Business & Prestige)
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    Vol. 36 – Love Systems In Everyday Life (Big Business & Prestige)

    People learn dating science for different reasons, but whatever the case may be, it should complement and enhance your lifestyle and not disrupt it. In this interview, joinBig Business and Prestige as they unveil all the benefits of incorporating game into everyday life and share their personal experiences, which will motivate you to become more socially well-rounded.

    Some of the topics discussed are:

    •How to incorporate game into your everyday life.
    •Debunking the myth of "not having enough time to game."
    •Learn all the different places/venues you can incorporate game.
    •How to prepare your friends about your new lifestyle.
    •Tweaking your lifestyle in order to be more social.
    •Ways to go about your existing daily routine and still improve your game.

    Quotes From The Interview

    "Game is not just for girls... you can use it anywhere."

    "If you're that weird guy that just sits at home all day... and not socially reactive, it's going to show.?

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    Vol. 36 – Love Systems In Everyday Life (Big Business & Prestige)

    Vol. 36 – Love Systems In Everyday Life (Big Business & Prestige)

    Date of Release: I think Jan 2009.

    Pros: Some good practical tips to use and giving some thought to your everyday life, and how small changes can improve your life for the better.
    Cons: Nothing very insightful. Information rather broad with random tips.
    I'm trying to phrase this in the best possible, contructive way, but the "you know's" are extremely distracting - Sometimes there'd be 2 you knows directly after each other. The information is sound, but it's very difficult to listen to. I think it was prestige giving the doulbe "you knows". He did sound very nervous, which I think caused him to replace pauses in his sentences with "you know".
    Rating out of 10: 4/10.

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    This is a solid interview on maintaining pickup/life balance and working in approaches to normal life activities. The advice is solid, the topic often overlooked.
    The only major annoyance is that the instructors seem like novice public speakers. Big Business especially has this verbal tick where he says "you know" after literally every 3 words. I worked with him at a bootcamp didn't notice this, but it comes to dominate this product by the end.
    This interview would go up at least a full point if they just rerecorded the exact same advice with the verbal ticks removed and more confident tonality.
    Still a worthy purchase.

    Overall grade: 6/10

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