Zambian girl; Melbourne girl; Sydney girl
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    Zambian girl; Melbourne girl; Sydney girl

    Zambian Girl

    Last Friday I was at Hugo’s by my self, following advice of my wing man Senses,(warm up) I spotted 2 blonds HB7, not in my type
    Me- may I ask for opinion
    Hbs7 – ya sure
    Me – is Hugo’s is really the best place in Sydney????
    HbS7 – oh we don’t know we here second time, we are from north , where are you from
    Ect. Ect ect.
    They left so I started looking for target.
    Found it, she come up with her female friend and some guy, target black girl about 20 y
    She looked at me I gave her smile, she smiled back, hb8
    I was ready to approach when some chick with silicone tits approached me; her tits were rubbing my chest
    Hb7- hi I am looking for my friends
    Me- they will find you
    Hb7- where are you from
    Me – is that so important??
    Hb7- are you here by your self?
    Me – no I try to rejoin with my dudes
    Hb7- are you for pick up?
    Me – question is not for pick up, questions is that you want to be pick up by me?
    And smile
    Hb7- smile to me and the I smell that kind of strange scent form her , mix of drugs (grass ect) and booze
    Fuck I don’t like chicks like that
    So her friends come up started talking to them, and I saw my black girl disappeared, fuck
    In some point I get out form fake tits chick
    Walking in Hugo’s and there she is sitting, my target, bored,
    She gave me smile I gave her back, approached
    Me- do you mind if I ask you about something?
    Hb8- ask, and she smiled
    Me- are you think this place is good,?
    Hb8- no , I am here first time but I don’t like it
    Me – ya look pretty average
    Hb8- are you from Europe
    Me – maybe form other planet
    Hb8 laughing
    So conversation is going good, she is from Zambia, I decided to take her out of this place
    Me- I can’t hear you music is so f… loud
    Hb8 – ya lets go out side
    Outside we still talking, kino ect
    Me – cold to day even for me
    Hb8- yes, she was shaking like a jelly
    Me- I wanna coffee, how about you
    Hb8 – feel for coffee
    So we went, the I took her near three fountain, on the bench kissing, touching
    She gave me a number , also she said that Saturday she is busy but Sunday she wanna go some where so ok
    On Sunday we were at mall, cinema, touching kissing, she grabbed my ass , touching my chest ect. So I tried to figure out , does she wanna fuck or not, she said something that she like to keep stuff light , at the and she said to call her when ever
    Now I don’t get it , she wanna fuck, or she want more time , more comfort??
    Any, thoughts, guys???
    Saturday my wing man, called he is not going , fuck again my self , but some one called me , he said that he knows that I am going to Establishment and if I don’t mind , so ok meet there.
    At the Establishment, 8pm death place, but is good for warm up, but fucking nothing
    Then guys arrived, one of them spotted a group of 8-10 girls,
    So 3 of us opened set
    I started talking to a girl hb8
    Opened her , asking about this place, asking that she agree that Hugo’s is so good as they say, answers yes, no , I don’t know, conversation is going now where.
    Me- you know what, your green top reminds me a grass where I grow up
    HB8- laughing;so where are you from?
    Me – hm.. I was born here, grow up there, and now I am here
    Hb8 smiling; what you doing here
    Me talking to you, didn’t notice, rude very rude
    Hb8 - smiling, looking at me
    Hb8-no I am not rude
    Me- I can wait for proof of that
    Hb8- laughing, what is your work?
    Me- white trade slave,
    Hb8- what!!! Smiling
    Me – keep people happy
    Hb8 – I am a teacher
    Me – I was teaching too
    Hb8- I teach little kids
    Me- a those nice ones
    Hb8- yes, she asked about kids in usa
    Me- age 6 to 14
    Hb8- so what did you teach them
    Me- rock climbing
    Hb8- cool
    Then she started talking about kids how they behave ect. So I said that those kids blablabla
    I decided to finish this
    Me – as I said I need to join to my guys there, so How we can continue conversation
    Hb8 – I don’t know, she smiled to me
    Me – you can give me number
    Hb8- I don’t think so, not yet
    Me- hm.. I thought that you are the teacher and you know what e mail is for
    Hb8 laughing, smiling
    Hb8- yes I’ll give you e mail
    So I gave her pen, she pulled out piece of paper, she wrote that with her name on it
    Me – ok , my friend are bloody piss that I am not with them, and I gave hb8 smile
    Hb8 – you are smooth like James Bond
    Me- thanks , that was good solid IOI
    And I left
    Now I am thinking what I should write to her ex. “ I need to buy gift for a friend , wonder that you can give me a hand with that??? or maybe some thing else???
    Guys and ideas welcome
    The same night 3 of us left establishment and left to darling harbor
    Then one of my wing man spotted, target , so I said use me , I am nor form here , make fun of me , so he decided that I am going to camping but I don’t believe him about drop bears , we opened couple set but those chick where drunk or they couldn’t figure out what we talking about .
    At last I spotted a chick with her friends
    We opened the same way
    My target hb8.5, again I used question which place is good in Sydney
    Hb8.5 – well I am her 1 month, I ‘m from Melbourne
    Fucking bingo
    So started talking about my cousin and use scroll opener, then sat between chicks
    Hb8.5 facing me all the time
    Don’t remember what we were talking. Only thing I remember, was that hb8.5 is here with her friend celebrate some girl’s b’day, she knows only one rest she don’t like them
    When I was ready take out of table some shit happened, b’day girl show up with drinks, started screaming that these are their friend their seats, then some one started put shit at third guy who was with me so all set was fucked, my target and her friend left to the toilet, some one said something about security guys ect. All shit and fucked.
    So we left to find new targets but fucking nothing , was midnight all drunk or drugged, I decided to go home , on the way to the exit I saw my target , and situation there was quiet, well like they say “murder always coming back at murder scene? or shit like that
    I approached hb8.5
    Me – need to rejoin with some friends so I’ll be quick
    Hb8.5 – give gentle smile
    Me- can you give me an e mail? We can continue
    Hb8.5 – yes of course
    Gave pen, paper
    Me- you know I don’t like mobiles , now is an e mail era
    Hb8.5 – yes you right,
    When she handle me a paper back she spelled her name in to my ear
    So I took it as IOI
    Now with all those 3 girls I would like to the last one, sure I want to get laid with all of them
    In case of Melbourne girl, write her email, that I am looking for a gift and need a hand
    Or maybe something else.
    This Tuesday there is public holiday in Sydney, there will be a parade so maybe something about it , I mean to write an e mail , I don’t know , need help

    Guys any feed back please

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    will get to this.. just subscribing so i dont forget..

  3. One suggestion for you Shadow.
    Dont ask for permission to get an opinion.
    "Me- may I ask for opinion <<<<
    Hbs7 – ya sure
    Me – is Hugo’s is really the best place in Sydney????
    HbS7 – oh we don’t know we here second time, we are from north , where are you from"
    "Me- do you mind if I ask you about something? <<<<
    Hb8- ask, and she smiled
    Me- are you think this place is good,?
    Hb8- no , I am here first time but I don’t like it "

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    because I am really without idea
    Quote Originally Posted by Flowz
    will get to this.. just subscribing so i dont forget..

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    i say FUCK them all!

  6. Zambian girl

    How can you remember the entirety of the conversation you had with these 3 girls. You seem extremely self-conscious about what you say. Just chill out and relax dude. I read the bit about the Zambian girl. If she said "call me whenever" the whenever indicates that you can call her at night for some sexy time. She wants to get laid, and she's making it obvious. Good luck.

  7. Your going about it the wrong way

    Hi my name is Simon I'm a playa I'm well nown on the syd scene your going about picking women up the wrong way I have sum advice for you that will get you layed buy 100s of sxc women iv read books an iv got my day game an night game tight there a 3 types of women in this world u got the yes girl she the 1 ure afta ure got the no girl she the 1 u walk away from mid conversation an you got maybe girl she not worth the time eitha the Zambia girl you could of fuked that night but u fucked up she was a yes girl she left the club with you an she gave u her number she was keen never ever take a girl to movies or dinna if u wana get layed women take dinna an movies as u want a relationship if you want to fuck her take her to a nice up market quit bar for drinks no food as you wan her to get a lil tipsy not drunk u dnt wana b spending a fortune on booze I suggest the water bar at woolamalloo afta a few drinks invite her back to your place for a few more drinks make sure you have a good selection on booze back at ure place afta a few drinks a light conversation she will be keen to cum back. Now the girl at establishment she is ure comon maybe girl don't waste your time ther is a good chance you could fuck her but it's guna cost you a fortune in donnas an drinks you won't get in her pants first date itl take probly 3 wich is a waste of time an money for you your better off spending that time out in a club or bar finding a yes girl. Now for the converstion never talk about how good a bar is an shit like that make eye contact if she returns that contact with a stroke of her hair or a smile she keen walk up to hear I like to just say hi I'm Simon I had to cum over then compliment her eitha she has nice eyes or u like her outfit somthing not to slezzy women like a guy who can make her laugh crack a few light jokes such as my favourite is so Otha the been cute what do you do for a job an let the conversation go on from ther keep the contact with her for about 2 min then ask her for is ther a number I contact you on if she dusnt give you her number don't even waste anymore time walk away an try anotha hotty on the club until you find 1 who will wen you get the numbe ask her if she wants a drink take her over to bar prefer drinks then go to a nice quit section of the club or bar get her away fro. The 200 Otha horny guys trying to get laid afta 2 drinks ask her if she wants to leave the club 99% of time if she having fun with you she will leave offer to take her back to yor place for a couple of drinks then male your move always have light touching wile in club having drinks with her on shoulder or the leg that will give you an idea if she keen I she moves your hand she not up for it if she let's you explore your in like flin then go for a kiss an explore her more whisper in her ear u wana cum back to my place for sum drinks an fun maybe thing is relax an always
    a move don't be affraid if you have any questions let me no


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