Project OSAKA |Japan| PUA HOUSE!
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    Project OSAKA |Japan| PUA HOUSE!

    Hello PUA's
    I am starting a PUA house in central OSAKA~! listen up if you live in town!
    We have myself and fellow American PUA bro from Texas moving into a 6LDK house (two balcony's two terraces and garage) in HOMMACHI . At the very prestigious Utsubo Koen park!
    we have (as of now) 2-3 other rooms open for rent _60-75K /month)
    + Our other PUA bro Brad From Memphise TN

    We are looking for cool guys to move in. i stress 'cool'. those that have done their homework on the Game. Those that are up to speed or have a need to get the speed..
    I have every book on PUA more or less and plenty of DVD's to learn from.
    If you need material, ill feed it to you and boot camp your ass if you are trainable.

    We are having a ball. we are constantly using, analyzing and contemplating Game and its theories and testing. We have discussed new theories on social dynamics too. we are moving forward ! we need the right guys to fuel the fire and party like rock stars with us!
    we will hold banging parties at this new house. (some pun intended! )

    We plan to move in by July
    hit me up on my cell to discuss [070-5664-one, seven,eight,five ]

    Id appreciate your help to get the word out to those in Japan about us and new crib. save my # for when you come by Osaka, we'll go sarge in Minami together..

    my facebook link: Login | Facebook

    Stefo and Ando

  2. If only I were in Osaka. I'm in Tokyo but occasionally I might be headed out to Osaka for whatever reason. I'll keep you guys in mind for when I'm out there. If anything, we'll have a legendary weekend sarge-a-thon at some point.

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    You have my attention, but like cornmuffin said, I'm in the Tokyo area (actually a little west of there), a bit far to be closely involved. I'm definitely interested in this though. I'll send you a private message with my contact info in it. If this gets a lot of attention, those involved could choose a date to all meet up for a 3-day weekend sometime.

    --Red Boss

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    definitely interested!! living in Tokyo though .. is it okay if I crash??

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    you could crash, so long we got space or what not.

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