How to make a woman invest in you

I've come to the realization today that my natural personality and who I am as a person is not attractive. I meet a women, I act like a PUA and plow through attraction material and transition to all the other steps with kino along the way. I have sex then after about 5 or dates I have to say I'm begin to run out of stories, routines, scripts, dhv material etc.

As my material runs out all that's left is me and apparently it's not good enough because they start slipping away and I can see their attraction toward me fade quickly. I understand I'm supposed to stir up that attraction again with more material but it comes to my understanding that my value is tied into how much material I have and once it used up I'm just a AFC that's careful about what he says so that he DHV's as much as possible and avoids DLV'ing himself.

I'm no millionaire or rock star, what's really going to make a girl want to stay with me other than the investment she's put in me.

so I thought about it and this is what I came up with:

-money she spent on you
-time she spent with you
-sex acts she did with you

-emotional involvement (this im not sure of because emotions fade and change a lot in women)

anything else?