PARENTS: How do i pick a wing and do day game without my parents knowing
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  1. PARENTS: How do i pick a wing and do day game without my parents knowing

    Im 19 and my parents are so protective and into my business. Im living at home and supporting them at the moment and have massive respect for them. Im doing excercises right now [like asking the time and flirting] when i go to town n stuff and im out of their sight.

    I did the whole thing at my last job as well [which i dont think ill do again]

    How am i going to keep it all secret and get a wing without raising alarms with them when we im at home a lot and i dont have a big social life anyway?

    I think as I become more comfortable with myself and my sexuality I won't really care any more and I'll have nothing to hide but as I'm finding my feet my parents would probably discourage me.

    LOL I think my parents think I'm too young to be into girls and in the future in will be interesting to see their reaction to me talking to girls and stuff.

    Does anyone else have parents like this?

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    k, just start being very very open with them, like asking them for advice about girls and shit (even though you might not need it but its the principal right). Act like you don't care that ur talking about this shit, act like uve always been open with them. Trust me, ive like changed my parents view on me, i tell them who ive had sex with and shit its funny, and they give me tips, it pretty fucking awesome. Heres an example of what i would do, this has nothing to do with PU but its the principal. When I was 15 i started drinking with my friends, being 15 it was hard to get booze, so one day i just straight up asked my mom if she would buy me beer. Thus making her realize that I'm growing up and it made me not have to hide the fact that i drink from her, it pretty much built more trust between us. So you shouldnt have to hide the fact that your talking to women, its human nature to interact with the opposite sex right. They should know this, their together right, so they should understand what you are doing, and if they don't you'll just have to do some convincing.


  3. Yeah i get ya. It is totally natural. I just wanna gain some comfort and some sucess first though so theres no turning back.

    My parents love me a lot but (maybe subconsciously) they have been bringing me up to be an AFC.

    My parents don't respond to words. They respond to action and how they see my results are actually beneficial.

    Anyone else have the same problems?

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    Dude I have parents like that. Maybe not to that extent, but obviously I don't tell them that I go out and try to pick up girls.

    You just want to say that you're hanging out with some friends, and just go and do your own thing.

    I am planning to move out pretty soon, but my dad has depression and my mom has heart disease, so they don't want me to go.

    I am guessing you come from a religious family? Or maybe a different culture?

  5. I have controlling parents (I'm Croatian, they're the worst!). Anyways, all you have to do is get your best friend into it, and if he says he'll be your wing then it'll be all good. Otherwise you'll have to find a wing, make sure he's good, and then introduce them to the folks and tell them that he's your new friend. Otherwise just don't tell them anything about girls... unless you come home late and have to explain it :P.

  6. If for most of our parents...especially from Asian region..we would be virgins till 25..and some of us mite turn gay.

    Lie lie lie.

    i was a honest guy..honesty sucks.

    there is nothing wrong about lying for your good.

    tell them you are out with your friends having a good time after long time. Bowling, movies, pool, fast food joints are safe places to hang out in eyes of parents.

  7. Yeah well we're all christian me included. The only difference is I don't see nothing wrong with natural attraction with the opposite sex. I think they're just trying to wrap me in cotton wool.

    Yeah i guess i could just say im goin to the mall/ shopping centre or whatever. But if its someone i met online, say this forum for example, they might start questioning why I'm meeting random people online...

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