How to instant messenge a girl looking for sex?

Here's what happened guys.

I messaged a girl on POF looking for strictly-Friends.

So I was goofing around and I sent her an e-mail entitled: "Sure, I'll be your 'Friend.'"

Basically the whole e-mail was a sexual innuendo of what we would do if we were "friends," IE: friends with benefits. She gave me her MSN, now I have to talk to her.

SOOOO, the question is:

Normally when I get a girl's MSN I just talk fluff until she SOI's me, then I get her number and run phone game on her. This is to add comfort, there are a lot of weirdos on the internet so you have to show you aren't one of them to make her feel safer.

But how do I talk to THIS girl on MSN? Do I have to be overtly sexual?

She also said "you better have more pictures." I think I have an idea of what this means, could anyone tell me exactly?