Fader Bootcamp - Atlanta, Apr 2009
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    Fader Bootcamp - Atlanta, Apr 2009

    The bootcamp was simply awesome. I came to the bootcamp with some specific goals and by the end of it, all of them had been surpassed. So many things make sense now that just didn't make sense before.
    Fader really poured himself into the bootcamp, he did every thing he could to make us more successful. We started early, ran late and took the time to understand key points where needed. Over the course of the bootcamp it became obvious that Fader is a master of this material and understands it on a very deep level. The field portion of the class visibly transformed some of the participants by the end of the weekend. Their body language and confidence levels had totally changed. People got through AA and became much more confident and relaxed. They began to believe in themselves.

    The entire time we were together, Fader was totally dedicated to helping us absorb and internalize the information and material.
    The amount of information presented was amazing, by the end of the weekend I think everyone was pretty much exhausted.
    The changes in the guys over the course of the weekend was also amazing. Part of the value of the course is Fader's 'tough love' approach where if he thinks you are doing something to hold yourself back, he will tell you and help you get to the root of the issue, even if you have to learn an unpleasant truth about yourself.
    The inner game came through as the key foundation that everything else builds on. Fader's deep knowledge of the material and insights into human behavior allowed him to address any questions we had with the sense that he truly knows what he is talking about. We had some really deep discussions that helped us 'get' the core concepts underlying the methods and processes.

    Summary: Awesome experience. Fader consistently goes above and beyond to help his students. He is a master of the material and can teach it in whatever way is needed to help you 'get it'.

    Regrets: I wish that I had gotten and studies Magic Bullets (or something comparable) ahead of time. I think that would have allowed me to get even more out of the course (but maybe my head would have exploded ).
    They should probably recommend it as a prerequisite, because I think it would help get everyone on the same page. Of course not everyone would actually get it and read it before hand, that just seems to be human nature.

    Suggestions: Guys, if you show up for a class, bring something to take notes on. Really. I had my laptop and ended up with 32 pages of notes.

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    FADER Bootcamp -- ATL Bitches, April 2009

    Honestly, when I got to the hotel and met Fader my first thought was...I just paid money to hang out the entire weekend with this ugly dude.

    I had just come out of treatment for drugs and alcohol, so I was most interested in inner game which we jumped right into on day 1. At first, inner game kinda sounded like an AA meeting (control the controllable, and accept what you can't change...blah, blah)..but Fader is deep; he opened up his soul to us, and really took it to the next level for me. It wasn't just lines that you recite in a 12 step meeting; it was taking a long, hard look in the mirror and really getting honest with myself. He gave us some tough questions to work on that are helping me with my identity today. So much of who I am is tied to random external bullshit, and I need to stop relying on it for validation. Also, now I'm continually working on overcoming limiting beliefs because they really are the devil and they've fucked up my reality for a long 27 years of my life now. This stuff was really hard to digest and its taking me a lot of time and work, but like the man said there's no growth without pain. I'm so glad I got Fader's bootcamp because his inner game is ninja shit and he was preaching it right to me.

    The field was amazing! Fader proved right away he is who he says he is ...an alcoholic..haha! Seriously, he really is a great PUA. He showed us right away that his material isn't just a lecture but it actually works in the field. I mean Fader was turning bitches into zombies. After a palm read, HBzombie just stood there frozen with her palm out for another 5 minutes just eating his routines up. This is how sick the guy is..when he tried to show us a blowout, he couldn't get rejected. So he tried again, and each time he told me to watch and see, a blowout is no big deal, all I saw was Fader getting those digits. One day I only hope to have the rock solid 'I don't give a fuck' body language and confidence of Fader.

    Fader is just a great teacher. After openers and attraction, I was having trouble with qualification. So he showed me how easy it is.. he opened the next girl he saw and with me in set asked what's your first qualifier? I told him...are you adventurous? Boom! He turns and asks "are you adventurous?" What's your second qualifier...Boom! "Can you cook?" Third..."You have good energy, I like that." He ran all three off my qualifiers, asking me what they were, right in front of her.

    I had a great weekend. I met some really cool people. I super-duper recommend taking Fader's bootcamp ...it was well worth it. He started early and stayed late to help make sure everybody understood. Dude, you rocked!

    ...and the strip clubs were fun too!

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    The Man that is Fader

    This review is a little late in coming due to an international move but I must take a minute to tell you about the BC that Fader conducts. I am not going to lie to you and say that this is a magic spell that with make girls fall on you...though it is close. What I can say is that Fader will take your false reality and replace it with fact. He will show you where you need to be with both your inner and outer game then demonstrate how it all should be put together. If you are looking for a potion to make girls love you then this is not it. But if you are looking for a dude to show you have to brew that potion then Fader is your man. I can't recommend him enough.


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