A quick experiment with a fake profile on POF

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    A quick experiment with a fake profile on POF

    Someone else mentioned before about how they'd set up a fake profile on POF to see what the average response is from a guy. I've done the same, and the results were pretty staggering!

    I used a couple of pictures from an amateur porn blog of a fully clothed HB7 or maybe an 8 if you're being generous and filled out a pretty generic profile - just listing the usual stuff that women put "I like shopping, hanging out with friends, travelling etc"

    After 10 minutes I'd already received 5 messages, and after 3 hours I've received over 60 and the figure is rising all the time. One thing is very clear, that you need an interesting subject, you'd think that was obvious wouldn't you? But here's a sample from my inbox of subject lines:

    what's your favourite...
    hello !
    hey there
    hey x
    Hey! :-)
    hey there..
    Nothing Obvious!!
    Did you know....
    hey there
    how can
    hey x
    U seem a lovely girl!
    Hey! :-)
    you made me laugh
    hey there..
    : )
    what book are you reading right now?
    hi there

    I've read a few of them, and the messages themselves are just as lame. A load of kiss ass type comments and generic stuff "Babe you're so hot, would you care to chat? It'd be lovely to get to know you" etc. A couple have even sent gifts!

    There's a few guys have tried to qualify and a few have thrown in specific things from the profile, but 99% are incredibly lame and would bore any woman to tears. But this is what you're up against. Given there's a lot of guys on POF like this it should make it easier to stand out but I feel so sorry for the women on these sites who are inundated with so many lame approaches.

    Even if you can think of a good subject line, by the time your target opens her mailbox your message may be way down on page 3 of her inbox and she might never even see it. There is a hell of a lot of crap for them to wade through.

    I'd never try and send messages like this and always try to use an interesting subject line and make the message relate to them in some way, but what sort of subjects have people had most success with? And is it best to message girls who are online at the same time to increase the chances of them seeing the message?

    Anyway, just thought I'd share. I'm sure most of you know all this already though.

    Also should add that I opted for the "rate my picture option" - the pic I used had plenty of 9 and 10 votes and an overall average of 8.7 from the guys. 6 woman had rated the picture too - their votes? 4,5,5,4,5,6

    And also, it scared me how easy it is to pose as someone else on the internet. It took 10 minutes to set up the profile and then all of sudden people are inundating me with messages... be careful who you message

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    Yeah it's a bit shady but at least you're sharing your results with us so everyone has something from it, better than having 100 of fakes accounts made by PUAs on those sites.

    I think people just write "Hey!" because they can't think of anything else, some of them probably even starred at the subject box and tried to think of something creative nervously and ended up writing "Hey!" anyway.

    The subject "you made me laugh" comes off to me ass pussified, seriously, it's something I would have wrote in my days where I had no clue at all and was more of a pussy. Sorry for my french, but I just took a shower without no warm water and I was screaming all the time "I'm a killer, I'm a killer, I'm a killer!!!" while the cold water was making me look like I had some physical disability.

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    Dreamlife, cold showers, invigorating aren't they? I was forced to take quite a few of those, except I would yell "F*CK YOU COLD!!!" for about 7 minutes. Haha

    Seriously though I was shocked when a friend of mine tried to show me how many guys would message her online. Everytime she'd log on at least 2 messages would arrive with the usual "Hey" or "You're Cute" as the title. And a few would get into very graphic details. More often than not she'd insta-delete them.

    It was at that moment when I found out why so many girls have their profiles set to private.

    No matter what online playing field, be it Myspace, POF, etc. the pua has a huge advantage on the competition. Hell even someone with a small concept of the game has a leg up.

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    Congrats on the research ssggee thats one good way of comparing. I've seen a few girls inboxes that i've dated on PoF and friends, exact same results!

    Even using song lyrics from classic rock tunes as a subject title works well if you can imagine that. Pretty much anything out of the norm is like putting a giant red flashing beacon beside your name in heavily populated areas.

    For small town not so much. I noticed a hot girl will barely get 30 msg's a week where i come from. Sure its not exactly smart to say "hey, hi, hello" but sometimes its all you need. But hey it doesnt hurt to use them.

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