What do I need to know before growing my hair out
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  1. What do I need to know before growing my hair out

    At the moment I have fairly short hair but I've always wanted to grow my hair out and want to give it a go. Ideally I want to get it longish like Charlie Simpson from the band Fightstar so it's long but manageable and quite smart (Charlie's the main guy in the foreground).

    What do I need to know or bear in mind - i.e. do I just let it grow and grow or get regular hair cuts still etc?

    I'm really aware that a lot of people start growing and then give up so any tips on what to do would be cool. Odd question but I'm guessing others on here have done it.

  2. There will be a "middle stage" where you hair is going to look pretty bad - until you get it to your desired length. Go in for cuts a bit more frequently so they can style it so it'll look a bit better during this period.

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    BigDuke is right there will be a middle stage where it will look bad so go get it styled. But this might sound weird but take in consideration your face shape for example a longer hairstyle like that is good with a longer face so it evens it out and makes your face seem more defined. But try it out let me know how it goes just keep up with your hairstylist when your having those bad days . Goodluck

    Danny D

  4. i tihnk long hair looks better then short if u can pull em off. and girls always compliment on longer hair. i have pretty thick hair and im growing them out as well. im trying to go for this look but my hair are not naturally curly so i might have to do something

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    Haha, I specifically went for the Charlie Simpson look when I got my hair cut last week. It rocks Although I wish they had put on a darker base colour before highlighting like I asked for :/

    Anyways, just let your hair grow, and go to a barbers every 6-8 weeks asking for the ends to be trimmed off (have to do this even if you're growing hair, because of possible damage to the ends) explain to them that you're growing your hair, so they don't take too much off.

    When the hair right at your hairline is as long as the bottom of your nose, it's long enough for the Charlie look. Make sure you print out a few pictures of him and go to a stylist that has experience with rocker / alternative hair.

    This is the picture I gave my stylist...

    Hope that helped dude

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    Growing mine out 8mo's now, and let me just say... it gets annoying when its medium length. It's also a bit of work (I know things now about hair care I would never have imagined a year ago.) find some nice hats, as putting product in it every day gets old fast.

    Also, keep in mind, at least here it Knoxville area, there are quite a few people with strong feelings against longer hair on men. I think I've had more negative comments on my hair (not exactly directed at MY hair, just long hair on men in general.) than on anything I've ever worn. So, make sure you're doing it for yourself, not for what somebody else thinks.

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    im on a similar path. that pic is pretty much the length im looking for but i just started growing it out from having buzzed it all off with the smallest guard a little more than a month ago.

  8. The Troubling Middle Stage

    Almost There...

    Perfection Is Only a Dream Away...

  9. I did this recently and found the best thing was to speak to the stylist.

    She recommended different styles for the annoying middle period (I'm nearly out of the woods), and even advised me how long to go between cuts - early on you tend to need more frequent cuts but as it gets longer you can leave it slightly longer.

    The important thing was to let her know where I wanted to get to, she did all the work for inbetween.

  10. I give up on middle stage so many times...

    but anyway i look good with shorter hair.

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