The Don Bootcamp - NYC, Apr 2009
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  1. The Don Bootcamp - NYC, Apr 2009

    I attended the bootcamp over the weekend with the Don, and found it be a point to the right direction. Not being where I necessarily want to be these guys pointed me in the right direction. Still have some work to do on my own, but the instructors gave me a good perspective. Bootcamps and seminars were great because a lot of what they mentioned I've experienced without realizing out what I've done and helped me realize what my mistakes in the past were. Now with a new arsenal and attitude I can take it to the next level and bring it to where I want it to be.

  2. my review of the april nyc bootcamp led by the don

    I do not know how thorough this is supposed to be, but I'll try to give a decent rundown. The seminar portion of the bootcamp was unavoidably dense as they had to compact volumes of information into a few hours, but the Don and Big Business did a good job of getting it out there. I appreciate how receptive they were to me in particular, since I didn't help the cause of conveying the information efficiently as I asked a lot of questions. But again, they were never dismissive of the questions, though they noted that persistent questioning for the sake of one's own game was not always useful. Big Business was a calming influence in-field, as I was able to relate and relieve some of my pre-approach jitters talking to him. A bootcamp, I found, is supposed to be a start in many respects. You may not be a much better de facto pick-up artist the day after the bootcamp than you were before. But it's objective is to give you a foundation, and you earn the value of the bootcamp by practicing in the weeks following. I personally have a good amount more to do in order to improve, but as far as the bootcamp went, it does what it claims to do satisfactorily.

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