new gambit!

so i was trying to think up a new opener/gambit the other day and here it is....

"if you had to choose between being 'pretty, sexy, or cute' and you could only pick two, which two would you want to be?"

its a pretty legitimate question i think. its worked well on all the girls ive ran it on, and they got wayyyy into thinking about it.. im going to try it out as an opener this weekend but im not sure what to do about responses i get from it, and where to go afterwards...

expected outcomes.
1. some of the bitchy girls are going to say "im all three."
---this type of response needs a hearty neg. so what do you guys think a good response would be to lower bitch shields??

2. if she shows interest and gives an honest answer...
---do you think i should come up with a generic cold read for girls who use 'cute' or 'sexy?' or should i do something else if theyre sincere?

either situation what do you think? and how do you feel about the gambit!?