Replying to msg's and shy girls
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    Replying to msg's and shy girls

    Getting alot of mixed ideas right now. Overthinking as usual and this can get me into trouble.
    So you msg a girl your interested in on pof/facebook/hotornot/whatever and she responds instantly(i get this alot on pof) how long do you guys usually wait to send responses?

    Heres my gameplan:
    Typically ill respond 15mins after her if she reacts within 10mins of my opener. then the 2nd same thing cause she's usually still online clearing her inbox. But 3rd I won't till the next day. If i get a response thus far its a sealed deal if i play my cards right.

    2nd on my agenda is SHY GIRLS.
    There profiles usually have bland uninteresting material such as "i like hanging with friends, getting drinks and working." or " I have no clue what to type about myself but im looking for mr.right/no head games, or a genuine guy" etc...But there good looking girls you just wanna fuck the shit out of them!

    Being playful usually gets me lame one liner responses like this one i got 1/2hr ago "lol xxx is a classy joint"...and another a few hours ago "Thanks.
    Yeah guitar can be a challenge." Im up shitcreek without a paddle on this one.
    I've also tried plain old "Hi i think your cute. care to chat sometime?"
    msg's too but those don't go anywhere.

  2. From my own experiences with online game, is that you always want to grasp their attention and keep it. Especially for shy girls. That means I usually will open directly, with something witty and original, and then go into routine like the Little Sister Adoption routine, which most girls respond really positively too (framing is KEY in the first message, but not so much it freaks her out). Then, I'll cut that thread and change the subject in my next email, usually starting a new routine for additional call back humour, and usually drop in a hint that i'm pretty busy and give her some sort of hook for her to give me another way to continue the convo (an open ended close option). Usually they'll close by 2nd email, but if not, by the 3rd i'll directly go for the close.

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