Ex-Girlfriends bday....
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    Ex-Girlfriends bday....

    So I have a question for you guys...and first off I need to start off saying it was my 21st birthday last month...and i know what you are going to say...and thanks for the belated birthday message... so anywho my ex gf facebook messaged me saying happy 21st how does it feel to be legal blah blah blah....clearly a question wanting a response, but I didn't buy into her frame and i didn't say anything back....about little less than a week later she imed me saying did you get my happy birthday message....of course i didn't validate her so i said nothing back....so heres the question....her birthday is coming up well is today...and i was thinking about posting on her facebook wall....since all the afc and girls she knows will be saying oh happy bday blah blah blah....i was thinking of saying this "I would wish you a happy birthday...but sorry to burst your bubble turning 20 is nothing special " what do you all think...i had a battle with myself and ended up here....i don't think it buys into her frame...and definitely opposite of what all the other afc's would say...david deangelo says that attraction is created by creating a challenge and being unpredictable...which is exactly what that message is..I mean predictable chris would say happy 20 birthday...blah blah...and buy into her frame...but aston would say the exact opposite...let me know what you guys think...i am open to suggestions...

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    No...it`s her birthday..why be a dick.?
    You can say " you still look like you`re 12"...or something C/F...
    Stay in a positive mode...be the funny guy and happy...breaking somebodys balls is`nt the high road of PUA.

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    I would just message this : Happy 20 th birthday , (your name) x
    (Not too long just quick and effective )
    She will mostlikely send you a message back with : Thank you very much , your sweet XXX


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