Dominance without speech
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  1. Dominance without speech

    I'm interested in how somebody might be alpha or dominant without having to be talkative. That is, how can one enter an interaction and become the so-called "anchor" of the situation, someone who is not constantly in control but who can take it in a second if he needs it? I'm thinking fictional examples like James Bond, Hank Moody from Californication, Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke, Dr. House, etc. I just know there's more to this than body language.

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    Well technically if you're not speaking all you got it body language. Think about it. Posture is everything. I know you said how else besides body language but there really isn't anything else. There is verbal and non-verbal and that's it. To perfect body language you begin with your walk. Watch Cesar Milan and focus on everything he says about how to lead a pack. If you want to learn how to be alpha just watch "The Dog Whisperer." It's the quickest way to get it done. Sit up straight. Thrust out your chest. When you walk make the movement come from your inner-hips and exaggerate and sway the same muscles you use when you're having sex. Use your sexual encounters to inform your stride. Walk like you just fucked. People can tell what that looks like. Study that.

    Basically focus on not giving attention to your target until she's earned it by not facing her until she's given you some worthy IOIs. It's all about having a relaxed and slightly cocky posture. If you just sit right women will actually come up, introduce themselves, and straddle themselves right next to you. If you get that reaction you are doing something right and I think you could say you're doing it nonverbally... so I hope that answers your question. It takes a lot of observation and practice but it can be done. Peacocking might have something to do with it but the other night I improvised and I still got that reaction I just described even tho I didn't change clothes after leaving work or even shave that day.. nor did I have my leather jacket it was kindof spur of the moment... All I had was my verbal and non-verbal game, that's it. It's definitely all about attitude. Walk in like you own the place and then demonstrate to everybody that you do by making females and males alike comply to do things you tell them. The more people you have qualifying themselves to you the more social proof you'll get and the less you'll have to speak. But yes, some speaking is required. However, it's the non-speaking part that solidifies the interaction. What's really important with the verbal is not actually what you say but how you say it. I've had interactions where I know the target didn't even understand what I was saying, nor could I hear her that well (loud music) and yet the reactions were just as important. What's actually important when you use your vocal chords is not the words that are said through them but the pitch and tone in which they are expressed. Learn to be musical.

  3. So body language is all you need to get people to qualify?

    What about Hank Moody? Here is a character who truly does not give a shit, and somehow gets both men and women to supplicate to him in what seems to be a realistic way.

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