I've revamped my POF profile and I need input!
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    I've revamped my POF profile and I need input!

    I don't know how many of you saw my shitty profile before.. and I know the pictures still aren't great but I haven't been out yet with my camera. As for everything else, opinions?

    Pipes342 the gym, bike riding, hockey, canucks, travel

    Thanks for the help!

  2. Looks much better dude. I suggestion tho:

    1. take all your point forms, and make them point form. You're profile takes a while to read because your points are too long.
    2. It's very funny, so cut out everything that's not funny, no one likes a joke with a punchline that takes forever to get to
    3. Instead of talking about what you do, talk about why you love what you do. Keep it brief, because "you don't take this site too seriously" and you "didn't put a lot of effort into it" (it's ironic how trying not to look like u give a dam is just as hard as giving a dam lol)
    4. Organize your photos. If you're lucky enough to have a paparazzi follow you, take those photos and put them in a left->right sequence that flips attraction switches. Women will most likely view your photos like that anyways, so lay them out in a way that leaves a memorable impression.
    5. Another layout concern, take "who is this guy" and play with it, typographically, till it stands out. Use bold, underline, size diff...just pretty it up so it sticks out...a quick read will jump 2 that title, then read the shortened list beneath it

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