Vol. 39 Older Men Dating Younger Women (Savoy and Kisser)

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    Vol. 39 Older Men Dating Younger Women (Savoy and Kisser)

    For many older men, dating younger women can seem like an impossible challenge. Little do they know that their older age can often be an incredible advantage. On this interview, expert instructors Kisser and Savoy go over the adjustments you need to make in your game to be able to date women much younger than yourself. In addition to providing an overview as to what general differences there are in where and how you game vs. a younger guy, this powerful interview will help you learn how to avoid certain fashion faux pas, sexual mishaps and conversational topics which may frame you as "too old" in a younger woman's eyes.

    Topics covered include:

    •Why younger women find older men attractive.
    •The biggest challenges for older men when dating younger women.
    •The most common fashion, conversational and sexual mistakes that men make when pursuing younger women.
    •How to use your career and status to your advantage when meeting younger women.
    •What to do when you're older than the parents of the girl, or if you have children her age.

    Quotes From The Interview

    "A lot of it's actually in the head of older guys that are trying to date younger women. They think it's a lot harder than it is and then they actually respond by making it even more difficult than it needs to be."

    "Think about the younger version of you and where those people are hanging out."

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    Vol. 39 Older Men Dating Younger Women (Savoy and Kisser)

    Volume 39 Older Men Dating Younger Women (Savoy and Kisser)
    Date of release: April 2009
    Pros: Good audio quality, speakers stayed on subject, both offered personal insight on the subject since they are the elder instructors at Lovesystems, mentioned some things that aren't immediately obvious but would likely be once you started dating a younger girl

    Cons: Some of the advice is found in general pickup knowledge, and the differences in how it relates to older/younger can be subtle

    Rating out of 10: 8.5
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