Craigslist desperation turned positive...I think?

Hello everyone,

Never posted on this site before, even though i've been reading the forums for quite some time now. Before I go into my situation, I just wanted to say thanks to all for the advice, and knowledge that is shared here. Alot of it has made me much more aware of they way I interact with women...

Ok, so there is this HB8 who is in one of my favorite local bands, she is going out with another member of the same band. I have talked to her once after a show, but I don't think I made any (positive) impression on her. It was something along the lines of:

Me: Hey, you guys were great tonite!
HB8: Aw, thanks! ::smiles::
Conversation over. I made it akward, and that was that. I suck. Well anyways, later that night, and a couple drinks later, I wrote a 'Missed Connections' post on Craigslist:

You need to break up with him... - m4w - 24 (Austin)

HB8, you are beautiful. I wish you were single!!!

Also, I'm a huge loser, since i've only tried to talk to you once, and failed miserably. When I'm around you, my mouth begins to malfunction and I can't control it.

He's a nice guy, and he's probably good to you, but jeez louise does it hurt!
After that, I kind of gave up hope on her. Whatever, up until recently i've been used to being a loser. I'm working on it, though.

Fast forward a month later, and to my suprise she repsonds. We then have this exchange of words through email:

HB8: the chick working in new brohemia saw my credit card and told me i had a fan. this is cute, who are you secret squirrel??

Me: so it's cute, not creepy? my name is P.G.

HB8: creepy would be popping out of my hamper,
where as this is like getting a note in your locker in middle school, which is awesome. see you soon squirrely
Correct me if i'm wrong; but it seems to me that she doesn't necessarily care for the guy she's with now, or that she's at least somewhat interested in possibility of moving on from him.

My real question is do I respond to this, or just approach her at her next show? Which is a while away, not until May 1st. I don't really want to wait that long, since I imagine she will lose interest, or forget about it. What is the next step?