Need a killer txt message to resurrect a HB89 girl to txt or call me back
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    Need a killer txt message to resurrect a HB89 girl to txt or call me back

    I met this girl about a week ago at a night club. She was a staff worker at the venue collecting the fees for the club admission and giving out flyers. I didn't have a lot of time to have a conversation with her because she was busy and her boss was near her all the time. I asked her how long she worked there for, what she likes to do, blah, blah. About 2 minutes in the converation she asked me my name which I took as an IOI. That was the only IOI i had because she looked quite busy.

    Anyway, I told her to punch her number on my cell so we can chat more another time, which she did. I called her the next night, and we chatted about BS, what she does, what I do. She starts talking to me about her pet dog. Boring stuff here. I called her Friday and left a message asking if she'd like to go out that night or Saturday night. To this day she didn't reply. What can I do to resurrect this girl. I need a good txt message for me to send so she can either txt message or call back. Thanks.

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    you failed to build enough comfort/qualify her properly for you to go out. Honestly if she has given you information about her dog or her job just tease her on that.
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