girls are slutty
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    girls are slutty

    ok.... im posting this here because im new to the online game... but i've had success with it by using some things that i've learned in my advanced stripper game techniques...

    my websites of choice are Myspace and Facebook for now. but i have had one success story by using

    anyway... this is a success story from a girl i just met up with on Facebook today... yes today... she went to my highschool but was a freshman when i was a senior... so i never actually met her... i did know her sisters but that's another story/possibility

    anyway... we started chatting some regular BS then i'll poke fun at her by calling her a dork/retard etc.... she's laughing and digging it... then i asked her what she's into... same bs blah blah blah... and slowly thru the conversation i'll throw in sexual innuendos... but they get bolder and bolder every time.... she'll ask what i like and i'll say "big boobs"... then she responded... "well that's good cuz i got some big ones "

    then some more bs for a bit then she's like "r u gonna be on (messenger) cuz im about to go shower but we can talk after im done" i responded, "oooh shower... ok but don't take too long in there... my camera batteries are low " she laughs and says "u wanna see?" i say "does a frog bump his ass when he hops?" she laughs again.... asks for my email.... then sends me a pic of her topless but covering her nipples with her arm... and boy are they big boobs...

    now this is a technique that i perfected at the strip club... for those who know me, strip clubs are my specialty.... i'll get #'s with ease, waitress, dancers, cigar girls, whoever... give me 10 minutes and the # is mine... give me 2 hours and i'll be following them home.... anyway... after talking with hundreds of strippers i learned a valuable lesson that i really wasn't aware of until after awhile.... girls are slutty... they love talking about sex, sexual positions, innuendos, hell... even to the point where im showing them some of my more advanced techniques in foreplay... this turns them on and gives you the air of confidence that they hardly run into...

    anyway so i do that with the online girls... i'll try to get them into messenger quickly to make it easier and usually about 45min to an hour i'll have them sending me photos of themselves in provocative poses or even nude....

    this girl i met today... 39 minutes (yes i timed it) and i had that pic... then another about 9 min later of her licking her lips... hahahaha... i love it!!!

  2. nicely put, gona have to give this ago then

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    ok... so since the time i posted this to know... she's sent me nude photos... pussy shots... wet pussy shots.... boobs..... and the best one i just got less than an hour ago.... a video clip of her squirting.... HELLZ YEAH!!!!

    So needless to say im planning a trip (5 hour drive) to spend the entire day with her this saturday

  4. Pointless and plain dumb? If you're so new to PUA and she's doing this, you must be a hella natural or something might be wrong with her.

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    nope... not new to PUA.... been at it for about a year and a half... im new to the online game yes...

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    Not worth a 5 hour drive.

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    5 hour drive is not the part of the story you should be worried about... she lives in the same town my parents do... so i'll go visit my parents and have some nookie on the side... geez people... i didn't post this so you can break it down ... i posted it so you can either learn from it or enjoy the story... i don't remember asking for opinions

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    Good work on getting the pics. If I went down this route i'd be a bit worried about girls feeling weird meeting me after all the pussy shots! How do you go about maintaining a frame where all this is fun and normal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungojerry View Post
    Good work on getting the pics. If I went down this route i'd be a bit worried about girls feeling weird meeting me after all the pussy shots! How do you go about maintaining a frame where all this is fun and normal?
    i just try to make it fun and exciting... but don't be needy or rude... and always give as much as you receive... if it gets awkward then just talk it out... communication is always good and it'll calm her down... oh... and i got an update to this... see next post

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    ok... so im back from my one day trip... which turned in 3 day orgy fest.... that girl was relentless... and i obliged... over and over and over and over and over and over again... so i'd have to say that the trip was well worth it... so much so that in 2 weeks she's making the drive up to see me... HELLZ YEAH...

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