She messaged me "You're disgusting"
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    She messaged me "You're disgusting"

    Alright so on myspace I added this hot chick and here is her quote on myspace "The most amazing girls never have boyfriends, cause all the boys think they're not good enough...and they're right."
    Pretty damn conceited huh?
    So anyways, thats all you can see as her profile is set to private.
    So I invite her as my friend and in the comment box on the friend request I wrote "I am good enough. Are you?"
    So she messaged me and here is the message along with my response, tell me if I did good please(read from bottom up):

    "The most amazing girls never have boyfriends, cause all the boys think they're not good enough...and they're right."
    I assumed you are one of these "amazing girls".
    I was wondering what makes you so amazing. It must be your good ol southern charm
    You must be really comfortable to be able to qualify guys right of the bat before they see your myspace and get to know you.
    But it's cool.
    I'm sure with a quote like that you get tons of high quality men messaging you!
    Most of them probably on roids and with default pics of their abs and messaging you saying "Wats up s3xi thang? You are hawt baby!"
    It must be so much fun reading message after message of that

    ----------------- Original Message -----------------
    From: erin♥
    To: Jason
    Date: Apr 11, 2009 12:18 PM
    Subject: ew

    you're disgusting.

  2. You started qualifying her right off the bat without any attraction, so that's why you got such a bad response.

    Solidify attraction, and then start qualifying. This will give her a reason to begin to qualify herself to you.

    With this interaction, cut your losses and move on.

  3. Are you posting this as a way to vent; or as a way to find out what to do next...?

    In regards to what you did -- Too much in one message. Cut it down a bit for a first message; you don't have to prove too much you're different to every girl.
    A little bit of different is good enough.

    That aside...
    Some girls are immature, truly believe their reproductive organs are gold-Plated; and consequently -- have their head too far up their ass. I have no such desire to help them apply a Sphincter Lubricant.


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    There are four possible types of replies when online dating:

    1. Positive and Hooked
    2. Positive
    3. Neutral
    4. Negative

    Yours falls into the 4th category, especially since there is not even a smiley.

    Analyze your game and move on.

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    its just one girl lol
    I honestly just invited her because she needed a damn reality check
    I honestly could care less what kinda responses I get online
    I just thought itd be fun
    and it was

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