EPIC backstab. amoged by my "boy" considering fighting. LONG POST NEED ADVICE BAD
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    EPIC backstab. amoged by my "boy" considering fighting. LONG POST NEED ADVICE BAD

    Sorry this is long but i cant sleep because i cant stop thinking about beating the fuck out of this kid whos supposed to be my boy, and i really need some help from the community. Please! I really need advice from the community.

    So I got into PUA a few years ago and skyrocketed my success with women. still my lack of aggressiveness and general friendly disposition gives me problems. i cant sleep because of the last one and im really really enraged.

    so i meet these girls through my "boy" bob, who ive had problems with in the past. he told me once that "making other people look stupid makes me look good" and hes a natural because of his extremely inflated ego and sheer lack of consciousness and a very strong wit and LOUD HAHAHAHAHAHA personality. ive wrestled him out of anger a few times and im bigger but hes strong, but i always win even tho hell try to choke me and laugh til i fucking have to strangle his ass to stop him (which he laughs at too). i slapped the shit out of him one time and he freaked out and was like if u do that again we have a big problem, and me to him alone i was lke do something ill kill you. and he just talked loudly like he does constantly.

    regardless, he told everyone that he won the wrestling matches and argued with me that he did, and literally believes it himself hes so delusional and self-assured. (i pinned him multiple times and had to choke him to get him to stop tryign to wrestle)

    So friday night i pick up these 3 girls, one of whom named Amanda i met thru bob and have been talking to online/texting/phoning and shes interested in being good friends. I meet her friend caroline whos this cute hippyish chick who loves weed and me and her hit it off instantly the first night we met, (her friends came over and dragged her away and she looked real sad when she was like im so sorry i have to go) and im just cool with it like ok no prob see ya. so when i pick up amanda from this party to go downtown, carolines there and gets in the front seat of my car. we go downtown, they split for a while and we meet back up with them. me and caroline are hitting it off amazingly, my game is on shes interested, its fun and were having a great time. bob comes in out of nowhere and is basically IM HERE PAY ATTENTION TO ME EVERYONE. he gets all over her but me, trying to be cool and not jealous over a girl i barely know, let it slide and just focus on me and hers rapport.

    so after a few hours downtown theyre all in my car and we go back to my house to blaze. me and caroline havent stopped talking and laughing and im constnatly teasing her and she loves it, im getting touchy slowly but surely, touching her legs and stuff and shes cool.

    so were at my crib on the couch with her 2 friends and the singer in my band were blazing chilling have a great time. my friend and his girl roll over cuz we invited them to come smoke. 10 minutes later bob bursts in the door (he came with them but likes to completely have everything focused on him) so he makes this dramatic entrance about how he got into this fight and got punched and my other friend wasnt there to back him up. so he starts shittalking in my ear about my friend Ryan for not drivin him back to get some pussy, and for not backing him up in a fight (ryan wasnt even in the same bar)

    then he has the fucking nerve to lie upside down inbetween my girl and the girl amanda who is retarded but fun, and easy to use to control the room. he puts his arm around both girls including the girl im clearly going to hook up with tonight (me and caroline had been fighting off the other girls who were being jealous and grabbing her away and me for my attention, and weve just been making fun of everyone and she was touching my leg and hands and shit and its just a tough situation for me with all these aggressive jealous girls, but still im relaxed and cool)

    i pull his arm off her and am like move, and he goes no im gonna sit right here with a BIG SMILE! and im like haha ok whatever. and tries to get her to scratch his head and then starts nuzzling her tits with the back of his head. shes uncomfortable and looks at me. but isnt real uncomfortable. so then this kid keeps whining about everything and trying to get their pity attention, and then i say a few smart ass things to him and hes like ILL KILL YOU. and then ignores me (in my state of just being myself, having a good time and with my *guard down* im just like uh no you wont, not real loud or anything) so i signal to him that shes with me a few times, but he just smiles. amanda is on his one side whipsierng to him so that gets caroline in and then before you know it theyre scratching his head, talking about their mutual friend who he hooked up with a tiny bit, then they all fall asleep on the couch while he whispers all bedroom talk-like to them.

    when caroline gets up to leave she tries to talk to me but her ugly annoying roommate GRABS my arm and DEMANDS my attention (again i let this blindsight me) so caroline hugs me without making eye contact and says bye, im just like shocked and say bye...

    basically, this kid who is supposed to be my boy has a forked tongue, and will smile and be all nice to me but then AMBUSH me out of nowhere and make me look bad with some shit like this.

    now, im a little pissed about the girl, but weve been texting a little and it seems cool and i know our rapport will probably be real good next time i see her. however, chances are the next time i see her will be at his apartment or downtown where hes always at unless i make a move to take her out, maybe karoaoke on tuesday at this sweet pool hall? they like bob hes a fun guy, but at this point i cant stop thinking about smashing his face.

    what do i do? our group of friends has told him hes a complete cockblock and hes always like oh i have no idea that im doing it, which is what he said the next morning when ryan was like u were being a fag and cockblocked john for no reason.

    I feel that my best bet is keeping the social scene cool with these girls to hook up with caroline. im not pressed at all to hook up with her but now its a matter of pride to overcome this like 4am ambush and get this girl. (IN MY FUCKING HOUSE)

    i am probably going to say something like listen man, im not pissed (he tries to control me with my anger at him but nothing like this has happened in like a good year or so) "im not pissed but if you ever disrespect me like that again, or yell ill kill you to me, or try to make me look bad im going to slap the shit out of you." or that ill fight him. im not a fighter, im a pretyt big dude, and ive been in barfights and ive broken a bottle on someones head but i dont like to fight. i have been so angry about this kid coming in my fucking HOUSE, cockblocking the girl that i BROUGHT WITH ME, making kissy faces at me when im being nice to him (cuz hes my boy right? why be aggressive and an asshole? apparently i have to be or people will just try to walk all over me CONSTANTLY) talking shit about our friend in front of everyone, kissing me on the cheek, and just his fucking general ego that i think im probably going to have to fight him. At this point if it happens again im not gonna care whos gonna look bad (i always say i want my boys to be my boys and to make each other look good, but this mentality gets me AMOGed at random times by cocky friends. if i fight him i have to teach him a lesson to respect me. he basically disarms me with his smile and being nice to me, taking advantage of my assumed friendship, and then shocks me with random shit that i dont know how to deal with. i didnt want to be aggressive and territorial over this girl that i barely know, i didnt want to be an ass hole because they understand him as my boy. but he has no shame in making me look bad and in fact relishes in it i guess because he got punched in the head and did nothing but cry that our friend wasnt there to save him.

    most of the anger is at myself for letting it happen, and at him for being a piece of shit.

    any advice? If anyone actually read all this, thanks a lot its eating me up and i have emotional problems to begin with, and im really having violent thoughts about this kid. I want to just constantly make him look bad in front of everyone. Should I? just be a complete ass hole? I have trouble finding the balance between making people look bad while making myself look good, or just being an aggressive ass hole (a problem i had years ago but dont anymore cuz i dont act lke that)

    WHAT SHOULD I DO TO TEACH THIS SNAKE TO RESPECT ME, and how can i remember to constantly be on my toes around guys, because i have game but people always try to amog me out of nowhere and it ALWAYS takes me by surprise when someone with skill does it. FUCK

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    Why the fuck is he your "boy" if he's such a douche bag? I say cut him from your social circle. Make plans without inviting him, hang out with other friends without him around, call up the girl for a day 2 when he's not around, etc. If he wants attention, freeze him the fuck out. Fighting him will not help you at all. If you really beat the shit out of him, you might get assault charges pressed against you. If you don't beat the shit out of him enough, he'll just re-frame the fight like he did before and use it to get more attention. If you choose not to cut him out of your life, as least make sure you're meeting girls when he's not around.


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    There's an easy solution to this.

    Don't take you're friend out when you're sarging girls. Instead, find out the PUA community guys in your area and hang out with them instead. Only go out with your "boy" when you intend to catch up with him socially - but never when you go out intending to meet girls.

    Also, you should never get angry or upset with anyone when you're out sarging. That's what makes a true PUA. Most of us have our setbacks and we just reset ourselves and start all over again when we've had a bad night or rough patch. Getting angry, especially in front of girls, is demonstrating lower value.

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    thanks for the responses guys. yeah i mean i wasnt angry outwardly. i played it cool i dont think she picked up that i was seething. i just cant sleep i cant stop thinking about beating his fucking face in. he is just so obnoxious. i used to hate him but he kept trying and trying to be my friend so i let it happen and then after a year of good friendship he pulls this shit, plus i have anger problems and am going to see a psychologist soon to help me out with that.

    emotional problems are getting the best of me unfortunately, but im just gonna have to cut him out of my life. he knows a lot of girls and hooks up with a lot but that has never really translated well for me cuz even when hes "wingmaning" he does it in such a blatant way that its almost an AMOG in itself.

    ill try not to fight him, and keep my anger undercheck. Not mention him to the girls, but i honestly just want the chance to amog him cuz im going to go so far out of my way to make him look bad at every chance i get now.

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    Dude, if you're that sure you can beat his ass then do it. He sounds like a fucking asshole. Whenever there are enough guys/girls around and he does something inappropriate, confront him and tell him you'll beat his ass. Scrape this mother fucker in front of everyone and see if that humbles him a bit. Well, thats one option.

    The other option is to just stop kickin it with this clown and find some real friends. Some people just aren't good at amog-ing you seem to be one of them, amog with witty or sharp comments anyway. Try and see if the girl wants to hang out with you and just cut this guy out. I have no idea why you even associate yourself with this asshole.

    Stay clean & stay focused, peace

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    Don't fight him. Seriously.

    The techniques used to out alpha men are basically asserting yourself as "The man" If they start to beat the shit out of you, that means you win hands down. This isn't cavemen times where you can just bash the fucker on the head and the girls will follow you. if you have higher social value in the group and somebody fights with you just because they think you're a douche then the girls will follow you not them.

    Disarm him by asserting yourself as the alpha without threatening him with violence.

    If he's in your house again I would just tell him to either shape the fuck up or you will throw his ass out. Call it the penalty box for bad behaviour. he gets back in when he doesnt act like a cock.

    I have a natural friend who is extremely loud, likes to do the big entrances and makes random loud noises for no reason. I put him in his place by shouting at him like he was a pet "No! bad derek! and I gently swat him on the nose.

    Gets the message to stop fucking around.

  7. Abundance mentality solves everything. I would be pissed too but you know you can get other chicks anyway. No chick is worth fighting for or arguing for.

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    yeah. im just done with this kid. the girl was cool, not bad looking but ive had hotter. we texted the next day back and forth, but when i called her on tuesday i got voicemail after one ring. to make sure i waited a few min then called back and it went full rings to voicemail.

    but fuck that kid. hes not my boy anymore, im done with him. im going to have a vendetta towards ruining his name and making him look bad, and i know hes gonna try to come over or come to my bands concerts and look cool by knowing me but im gonna have him either embarassed or thrown out of every show. fuck that cockblockin scumbag

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    shouldve isolated that girl early. those kind of situations are always tricky
    funny u were telling him u were with the girl. HELLO
    he was being a cockblock on purpose! HAH! ISOLATE ISOLATE ISOLATE and get in some REAL GOOD KINO (like cuddle/makeout etc)!

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