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    Hi All,

    I just came back from my trip to China Shanghai, I found picking up a Chinese girl is a big challenge. they are so intelligent and aware of your intentions.

    No matter what opening I use, negs. it is just so hard to get them into you.
    I get IOIs and closed with phone numbers, but the next day they just don't remember who you are.

    I have tried with the massage tricks, but they only allow me to touch their back n arms and that's yet.

    I really need some help to pick up asian girls.

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    It is probably how you approach or your look.
    Upload a picture of you, it's the best way to give good advice when you can see how the person looks like.

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    i go to shanghai alot & all my white buddies have absolutely no probs picking up local girls at clubs. we usually go out in large groups with more girls than guys so that certainly helps. because shanghai is so westernized, being a foreigner no longer guarantees instant lay. in fact last NYE i was at velvet on the bund where 95% of the crowd were white or abcs.

    with local chinese girls, you can still be cocky funny etc but its easier to walk up confidently and just say hi my name is __, theres no need to use canned opinion openers. my white friends are not in the PU community and i see them do this:

    1. meet them on the dancefloor or bar
    2. chit chat boring shit with them (in english of course, dont use chinese unless ur a gun at it) most local girls would want to practice their english
    3. buy them a couple of drinks
    4. talk some more shit/dance
    5. make out with them
    6. grab a cab and take them home. (this is where i think ur stuffing up, dont no. close locals, just take them home and fuck em on the same night). you just need to say ok lets go to my house i have ___(something cool) to show you. take her by the hand and walk her out of there.

    yeah so act like a noob basically. i no it sounds stupid but i see it work all the time on local girls.

    of course its a different ball game if you want to pick up foreigners or abcs. heaps of white noobs attempt to pick up my hot abc chick friends in shanghai and they pretty much fail 99% of the time.

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