Aggressive Sexual Kino
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    Aggressive Sexual Kino

    ***WARNING*** If you have no common sense and you cant tell the difference between playful sexual kino and abuse then stop reading here and go talk to a psychiatrist. By no means I condone or suggest any kind of abuse or misstreating of women.

    Ok this post is so gonna be misunderstood by new people but try to have an open mind and it requires you again to have:

    Read Magic Bullets
    Watch Relationship Management
    Opened at least 100 sets because
    your intuition and calibration on when to use what on which girls and where is so crucial for this that i cant stress this enough.

    I wanted to write about this for a long time but after seeing Savoy talking about hair pulling I knew it was the excuse I needed (You can find the video here: . Personally it has helped me HUGELY to subcommunicate everything I have to offer on a sexual level and at the same time to show my dominant side, unpredictabilty (normal levels ofcourse) and my discretion.

    Strange enough its not being stressed by instructors because possibly they expect you to do it.

    So some factors for it are:

    • Comfort levels you have with a girl
    • Its day or night?
    • Are there people around?
    • Is she sexual or shy?
    • Have you kissed/had sex with her?
    • Is the girl dominant by nature?

    But lets start from the beginning:

    What is aggressive sexual kino?

    Everyone talks on how you should demonstrate your alphaness or dominance through stories, routines and kino but there is at least one more way that you can demonstrate all these without even opening your mouth.

    Some examples of Aggresive Sexual Kino are:

    • When you put your hands on the waist of a girl and you pull her on you with the least force.
    • When you pull her hair from the back of her head (thanks Savoy)
    • When you smack her ass for whatever reason
    • When you hug her and squeeze her making her feel your body surrounding her
    • When u have the girl in front of you and you pull her towards you by putting a part of your fingers in her belt and jeans (watch the Bon Jovi video always)
    • Any kind of you lifting her off the ground with your arms

    And many many more...

    Sure touching her is nice to have kino but after a while you need to show her you are the man. Caveman style. What difference has this kind of kino from the normal touching?

    Women try to find the smallest clues on how you ll be in bed. Are you the soft guy? Do you take initiative? Are you into BDSM? Are you rough? Do you have a nice combo? (Rough on sex and cuddly afterwards?) which is recommended if you ask me.

    Now for example if you think rough sex is something girls dont like then you ll be surprised to know that woman that are somewhat experienced offen complain to me about how their bfs or ex bfs being too tender with them after we (me and them) have sex. (yes I am immoral shoot me). Now ofcourse you cant do this with a virgin or a somewhat inexperienced girl, you ll freak her out. Most women will do the craziest shit if they are comfortable with you, feel safe and know you wont tell all your friends about it right after she starts screaming "spank me daddy" at you. That ofcourse leads us to...

    A woman that you ll do all this aggressive kino like smacking her ass away from people she knows or depending on her personality and comfort levels and who the people are, she ll know she can trust that you ll find the right moments that you ll do it without pushing her comfort levels and without embaressing her to the people around. That sub communicates that even after sex you are discreet.

    This is where many men fail when a woman tells then they have a bf. Most of the times if she is flirting with you this is a queue for you to be discreet not for you to go away. Doing the right thing at the right time while respecting her comfort levels is crucial. How you know her comfort levels? You start small and you go on with intuition and calibration of your moves.

    These are pretty much self explanatory and too close to each other to put into different categories. Doing this kind of kino shows dominance and the will to take initiative. Its how I say to men that even the move of you going for the kiss might make a woman attracted to you. Because it shows initiative. So does the sexual aggressive kino. You are a man and you are not making excuses for it. She is your girl and will show her that you can be unpredictable. She wont know when you ll do what. That changes the dynamic of a normal date to a sexual adventure.


    I dont even have to mention how important your intuition and calibration is for this kind of kino. One wrong move and you might get smacked or be rejected instantly. The up side is that it shows (in contrast to you telling her) all the above.

    Comfort levels you have with a girl

    This has to do with the emotional progression model described in the Magic Bullets. Sometimes its ok to use it in an opener (dancefloor) and some times you can only use it in a Day 2. It depends. If you are getting a lot of kino in return then its an indication that you can use Aggressive kino for example. If the girl is still unsure of you or not attracted yet dont use this. One aggressive non sexual kino is you leading her to a new location for isolation like the bar.
    A small step you can do to show you where you are is if you are standing in the bar and u need to go around her to pass, move towards her, place your hands in her waist and lift her off the ground or move her out of the way not aggressive but just a hint that you are in my way. Sounds counter intuitive but girls like to be moved around and feeling a man's strength.

    It's day or night?

    This isnt that hard to understand. Being too sexual in the day with lots of light and no shadows to hide you isnt the best way to go. Its for this same reason that I say that Day 2 shoudl happen at night. Night has seduction all over it. Night is where all the magic happens. The mystery. Women know that and this is why u ll see them often times act more sexual in the night.

    Ofcourse as I said in the night there are shadows. There is nothing like pulling a girl in a dark corner puttin her hands above her head and just look at her or kiss her. Dont destroy the tension. Be slow. Feel her heart beating.

    Are there people around?

    Although this depends on teh girl since aggressive sexual kino is well.. sexual its like the little dirty secret so use it with caution. Some girls arent used to be open in the public. So a smack in the ass might give u an angry look. Best thing u can do is isolate her somewhere with people close but not in the visible range. Or for the split second that noone is looking. Although lifting her up while there are peopel around and especially girls might make the atmosphere around you well... more moist hehe. Its up to you to see what will work in yoru favor.

    Is she sexual or shy?

    A girl with no experience and a girl more experience can interpret the same move totally different. I dont say there are inexperienced girls that turn freaks in bed but still its up to u to know what to use and when on them. Try with small steps, test the waters and go further. On the other hand on experienced girls since most of their guys probably were afraid not to break them its always good to give signs of dominance.

    Have you kissed her/had sex with her?

    That ofcourse is a no brainer. The more you go forward with a girl the more open she ll be in this kind of kino. Especially since if you can anchor some moves from sex like pushing her on a wall while u have sex and u do the same outside expect her to rape u on the spot.

    On the other side if you have kissed her again that gives u some freedom but still you are testing the waters for what she likes and how comfortable she is with you moving her around.

    Is the girl dominant by nature?

    A dominant girl doesnt mean she doesnt like that but she knows the game and expect her to retaliate. Expect her to smack your ass while u move away from her. Or expect her after pushing her on the wall to push back and so on. Tbh I am not into dominant girls but these girls are very fun to play the game because they also take initiative and you might find yourself on a wall while she is kissing you.

    I hope everyone will use their imagination and common sense on this matter. Its one of those tools that it can backfire your ass to a court or it can work for you and make a girls so horny that you ll have sex in some alley. Again have fun with it and be responsible. Women like to feel ur strength but always use your common sense. Dont hurt them. They can withstand a lot in bed and stuff but still know how to control your strength around them. Also dont use this all the friggin time. Be sensitive with her, be tender, dont smack her around lol. Its like cocky and funny and everything. Too much it can ruin it for you.

    I ll be happy to answer any questions

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    You're right, this could be misunderstood, but I see where you're coming from. It's something you should save for when the girl is comfortable enough with you for it to work (which can happen surprisingly fast), but done right, it's money.

    It also depends on the girl. I've had some girls who wouldn't dig it no matter what your comfort level is, and I've also had some girls who were more aggressive than me. One girl I was with recently loved to be choked during sex (I know, it's dangerous... & we're not sleeping together anymore, anyway), and aggressive stuff like this worked wonders with her.

    Good post, though. I hope people can take away from it what you intended.
    Who is ninja? I am ninja.

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    Yeap its one of those things you need lots of intuition and know how to calibrate your game to suit the girls needs. Slowly you can check for her preferences through small hoops and hints you ll give away. And its really one topic that can misunderstood especially from new guys. I hope everyone gets something from it because its something I tend to use offen when i see that i can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Fader View Post

    Women try to find the smallest clues on how you ll be in bed. Are you the soft guy? Do you take initiative? Are you into BDSM? Are you rough? Do you have a nice combo? (Rough on sex and cuddly afterwards?) which is recommended if you ask me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Fader View Post
    Most women will do the craziest shit if they are comfortable with you, feel safe and know you wont tell all your friends about it right after she starts screaming "spank me daddy" at you. That ofcourse leads us to...
    Very true. If a guy doesn't take initiative or show that he is relaxed about things, some women might start wondering If that guy can handle them in bed. You start holding back because you don't want to do anything that makes you look bad. And that minimises the fun for both parties.

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    Great post dude!!!!

  6. good post

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    nice post. I've found that testing the waters in this category can lead to good things with girls I never would have thought would show interest.

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