LJBF, but ended with the upper hand ;)
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  1. LJBF, but ended with the upper hand ;)

    okay so basically, id been seeing this girl for a few weeks and i got this message from her today saying she didnt want to hurt my feelings and that she doesnt want a relationship, also said we should JUST BE FRIENDS!

    So i said to her "glad we got this sorted, i was gonna say the same sort of thing. But i was gonna say it to your face, thats why i asked you to come over on monday. Friends is good for me".

    Does this sound okay? it's not as if i want her back, its just i dont want her to walk off thinking that she's got the fucking big ego boost from blowing me off and her to pull another guy thinking she's so good!

    All comments appreciated

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    Sounds awesome! Altough I think if it was in a message she could take it in a bad way. At least over the phone where she can hear your voice, you can be playful about it and not get confused. Well that's if you really want to keep her as a friend I guess. If you don't care then it doesn't really matter.

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