Fader Bootcamp - Scottsdale, March 2009
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  1. Fader Bootcamp - Scottsdale, March 2009

    What can I say. In a word, the bootcamp was AWESOME. It exceeded my expectations.

    First, let me cover Fader proving himself. After the seminar on day one, another student and I joined Fader for dinner. The restaurant was super busy so we sat at the bar to eat versus sitting at a table. The woman behind the bar who was serving us was really cute. Fader turned it on in an instant. He opened right away and continued to engage her throughout the meal. When it was time for us to go, he number closed her. Did I forget to mention that Fader had yet to shower or shave after flying in from the east coast? He had proven himself before we even began the infield.

    Once we began the first night infield (now with Fader showered, shaved, and dressed for the night), Fader jumped right in again. He opened numerous sets, and number closed again, this time with a super hot hired gun.

    One of the most fascinating things about watching Fader in the field was seeing the looks of astonishment on the faces of the nearby AFCs. What they were witnessing made no sense to them. How could this guy be engaging all of these hot women, getting them to laugh and spend time with him? Over, and over, and over.

    As far as my social skills, before the bootcamp I suffered from paralyzing approach anxiety. If someone introduced me to someone they knew, I could generally carry on a conversation with them. But for me to approach a woman I did not know produced a literal paralysis within myself.

    Fader knew that about me before the first infield, and he helped guide me, through a number different techniques, into opening sets. I knew that whatever thought process I had been clinging to in the past was doing me no good. So I tried to shed my limiting beliefs, and follow Faderís guidance.

    As I slowly progressed and made small improvements through each set, I reached a point where I was eagerly looking for the next set I could open.

    Not only is Fader great with working with students infield, he is also great in the seminar. He had an uncanny ability to recognize when I did not fully grasp a concept he was lecturing on, and would ensure that I had a full understanding before continuing.

    --Day 2 infield--
    I was a little worried that I would not be able to carry forward the momentum I had from the previous night. The first set was a little rough, but then I just dove in with abandon. I successfully opened every set after that except for one. And the best thing about the one set where I did get blown out, was that all it felt like was a pinprick in my shoulder, the pain dissipating in two minutes. If that same scenario had happened to me before the bootcamp, it would have felt like a knife in my belly. I had had a paradigm shift, and felt alive.

    There is still a lot for me to learn, but I now have the tools to continue to build my skill set.

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    This was a great bootcamp. I had a ton fun of you with guys. Btw I am coming to San Fran on 07/10 so I will see you then and in the meantime I put another Scottsdale workshop on the program.
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