Critique my text game.

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    Critique my text game.

    I've met this girl irl and weve chilled. She is one of my friend's cousin. hb7-8 ish somewhat shy.

    I talked to her on myspace and im before. # closed on fb. this was 2 days ago.

    Heres tonights text convo.

    Me: opener: IHOP - ness. Spell out IHOP aloud then say 'ness'

    hb7: haha ive seen that before

    me: i bet you have lol....

    hb: haha what are you implying

    Me: Implying... thats a big word for someone who watches highschool musical... haha I'm impressed

    *(she told me before that she likes high school musical we were jamming some of the songs on the radio in her cousins car about a week agoish)*

    hb: haha thats so not funny.

    Me: haha I thought you had a sense of humor... was I wrong?

    hb: i do im kidding its cool lol. So what you up to?

    Me: haha thats good. I thought I was gonna have to break up with you and drive all the way out to your place and get my pet lemur we got in africa. I've gotten pretty attached to that little guy

    *(this is from a previous myspace routine where she told me if she could have any animal it would be a lemur. I then made up a story about how we went to africa and that I eventually left her there)*

    hb: haha you're silly. what you doing?

    Me: Guess

    hb: Uh idk lol why would I know?

    me: lol guess

    hb: Uh sitting at home? lol

    me: hahaha close! im watchin high school musical!

    hb: haha for real? That's awesome lol

    me:lol no

    hb: haha guess what?

    me: How was the family reunion?

    hb: ha uh I didn't go

    me:Guess what

    hb Whatt?

    me: Nothin

    hb: okay then? Anyways im reading twilight lol

    Me: Thats awesome dude. Which book are you on?

    hb: Ha twilight the first one. *male cousin* has it. I forgot why. I'll have to borrow the rest or something. lol

    me:Lol ill hook you up. I have them all

    hb: Alrighty thanks

    Me:Np. Haha i still haven't seen the movie yet

    hb:Oh really? lol its pretty good.

    Me: lol yea dude im goin to see it up at the dollar movies in the next few days. Ill hit you up

    hb: ha alright. I didn't kno it was still in the dollar theater lol

    me: Nah it still is tommorow at 420 n 720 haha dont kno bout friday

    hb: oh well thats cool

    me: well shit im goin to bed i text you later

    hb: okayy lol goodnight

    Ok what do you think guys? Tear it apart.

    edit* oh and should i invite just her and me to go to the movie or should I get a group of people to go and bring her into my social circle. Im sure I can get a group of hot girls together that will dhv me. What do yall think? And i have her male cousin on loc. he would pay for my ticket if I told him too. haha (but im not an asshole and would never do that)


  2. you're full of comfort...go deeper on her interests (aka reading, adventure, movies)... and ultimately get on the date

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    I wouldn't recommend calling her dude, it could be misinterpreted as you meaning friendship.

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    yea I don't agree with the "dude" thing either. seems weird to call a HB that... it doesn't seem to be as gender neutral like "guys" when you're approaching a group of women.

    Intro flowed well. I like it.


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