Blazer vs. Suit Jacket?
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    Blazer vs. Suit Jacket?

    Apart from, obviously, that you would most likely buy a suit jacket with matching trousers and I guess blazers are commonly more wide ranging in material (?), is there a difference in style between a jacket of this sort and a blazer?

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    when it comes to worsteds (fabrics like your typical suit fabric) the difference between a suit jacket and a sportcoat are typically that the suit coat will have buttons that match the fabric and sportcoats will have odd buttons.

    Tweed and flannel suits are much harder to differentiate, because their jackets are easily worn as sportcoats.

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    Another feature is that blazers will feature sometimes more unconvetional cuts on the lapel, pocket types, and "the tail" of the jacket. Apart from that, they may feature pads on the elbows.

    Also, yes blazers have a huuuuuge range of material, depending on the look+weather+ purpose of the jacket.

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    If you just want to wear it casully, I say buy blazer.

    you can buy navy suit with pants and just wear the jacket with jeans though

    if you don't want to spend good $ on suit, I say don't buy them cuz it will make you look cheap.

  5. There's been good styling points said. But what I've noticed is that a good suit jacket usually has a very tailored appearance. The shoulders will be strong, the waist nipped in, made of smooth, worsted wool and is usually fully lined. A blazer can have all those, but usually dont. Unless its made of a harder wearing wool like tweed or flannel, a blazer will be composed of cotton. Moreover, a blazer is commonly deconstructed ie little if any shoulder pads and unlined. This makes a suit jacket hard to wear with jeans, but perfect with wool pants. The opposite is true for a blazer. It'd look great with jeans, but not with smooth, wool pants.

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    Blazer ----> Navy or Black with gold buttons, single or double breasted.

    Sportcoat -----> Everything else that isnt part of a suit.

    They can both be very well fitted

    they can have light or strong shoulders

    Single or Double breasted

    They can be fine fabrics (think navy solid with brown buttons) or think durable or heavy fabrics (like cashmere).

    They have ether flap pockets, slit pockets or patch pockets.

    They can be wool, linen, cashmere, Cotton, silk, seersucker, alpaca, angora ect.


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