So, You've had a Rough Night...?
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    So, You've had a Rough Night...?

    You couldn't get any sets to stick. The last set looked at you funny after you delivered your opener. You were AMOGed harshly, and were blown out of set after set. You're thinking, "What the fuck? I'm a fucking PUA. I should be getting this shit. Ok, ok, next set." You go to the next set:

    HB: "Sorry, I have a boyfriend."

    Your shoulders fall. You lose hope. You feel generally frustrated. You've been in the game for x months, and your results are still incongruent. You wonder if you are really cut out for this after all.

    We've all been there. We've all had those days where nothing has gone right. We've all felt in some ways that we are not really PUAs, but just wanna-bes.

    STOP! Stop with this negative thinking. Instead of beating yourself up after a crappy night, or crappy week, take a moment, and celebrate your achievements. That's right. Negative thinking will eventually eat away at your willpower, and your faith in the methods. It could very well be the factor that keeps you away from the game for the rest of your life.

    Instead of this, think of all the things that you have accomplished since finding the community. You've developed tight inner game. You respect yourself, and know that you deserve the best that life has to offer. You've opened hotties that you used to dream about. You've gotten numbers, and watched as other guy's mouths dropped while you did it. You've "layed into" some incredible women. You've become a better person, haven't you?

    Rough days suck. But don't make your willpower a casualty of your rough day. Willpower is what keeps you in the game when you have little to nothing else left. Don't hack at your willpower by becoming negative. Instead, put your head down, and get your ass back out there tomorrow, because I promise you, it will be better. Those who keep coming back in the face of failure will ultimately succeed. Keep track of your accomplishments, and nothing will stop you from becoming the best person you can be.

    Today was rough.

    Tomorrow will be better.

    Keep the faith.

    I love you. (lol)

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    Thank you! Yesterday was the roughest daygame ive ever had. 13 approaches and no hook.

    Ill be back

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    Nice one indeed. Used to beat myself up because a night went bad but as you said remember where you were a year ago or what u did last night and its all good.

  4. I don't really post much but i have to say thank you for your post. It's totally going to keep me level headed and all i need to do is look back after a bad night to keep on the good vibe i've managed to achieve for myself these past couple of months.

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    This deserves a bump.

    I've been seeing A LOT of "rough days" and negative thinking in my own life.

  6. Your post has totally lifted me. I've had an awful few nights this week and just can't seem to close. I come back home listening to some depressing music but I woke up to read your post and this has totally lifted me. You are right. Compared to what I was like before, I wouldn't have dreamed closing girls on the cold approach.

  7. Two things:

    An old friend once told me: "Be thankful for what you have, because there is always somebody in a worse position than you are." Sums this up beautifully

    As for getting back on track? Go back to the basics, works everytime.


  8. In addition to pickup, this is excellent advice for me to remember when I occasionally get into a sales slump at my job. Sometimes I'll get five or six prospects in a row who all say "no." Then, I start to get into a negative mindset and I stop doing all the little things in my sales pitch that helped me close in the first place . . . obviously making the situation worse. Or I'll start to sound desperate, which REALLY drives people away.

    Sometimes you are doing everything right but you just ran into a string of shitty sales prospects. Don't give up hope, keep doing what has always worked for you, and eventually you'll get people to start saying "yes" again.

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    Great post!!!! I pretty much just try to learn from all of my bad approaches and move on, works great for me!

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    I'm at the stage now where a lot of sets actually hook and go good. With indeed an occasional rough night where things go less good. But even the "good" night are getting frustrating. I can't seem to get any real results. Either she has a bf, either I fuck up myself by not escalating or not doing it properly, either I go for the nr and get it but it flakes. Oh yes and a high percentage of times I get cockblocked as well if it goes good.

    I'm still waiting for a solid nr for a day 2, or a k-close in field since i started end of March this year. With the percentage of sets that go good it should have happened already. That's what's frustrating me right now. But I just need to keep going like this thread says cause those who keep coming back will ultimately succeed. And indeed I have come a long way already. Before my bootcamp I wouldn't even dream of having a good conversation with a gorgeous girl and not being super scared and nervous to do it. I was scared shitless of just opinion openers. And now i'm going direct most of the time.

    Good thread
    For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.
    Matthew 25:29


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